India.Arie Weighs In On War

India.Arie was amongst the musicians weighing in on the looming war with Iraq with Entertainment Weekly recently.

She says, “This is our platform, this is our vehicle. I challenge all of my peers to do more.”

“Not just in your words, and giving your money, but in your music. That’s what people hear.”

India.Arie Provides You The Chance To Win A Voyage To The West Indies

India.Arie’s official site is celebrating her Grammy nominated sophomore album ‘Voyage to India’ by giving fans a chance to win a voyage to the West Indies.

‘Voyage to India’, the cool and brilliant follow-up to India.Arie’s debut ‘Acoustic Soul’ presents another set of nuanced and deeply heartfelt songs to follow the platinum-plus success of her first album.

Enter the contest at the link I’ve provided below

India.Arie’s Satisfying Concert

Maria Phelan of the Las Vegas Weekly reviewed India.Arie’s performance at MGM’s EFX Theatre that was thrown on the 23rd of November. Maria writes, “India and her group felt their freedom throughout the show by varying their performances from album versions with extended solos, dancing and even some stories, which occasionally snuck out during vamps in the songs.”

“There was no doubt that India.Arie’s message of love and acceptance left concertgoers feeling mellow and satisfied, but pumped for her next voyage to Las Vegas.”

India.Arie & Musiq – Item Or Not?

India.Arie is still refusing to confirm reports of a romance with fellow soul singer Musiq.

“He’s positively not my husband. We’re not engaged. He’s my best and close friend” India said.

“I love Musiq. We think alike. Everybody wants us to be together so bad. He’s one of my best friends, really he has a strong light.”

India.Arie A Fan Of Eminem

Eminem has found himself a new fan in very lovely India.Arie. The two singers met up recently during an event last month.

“There’s two different sides to that” she said when asked about Slim Shady. “I have an opinion about his effect on minds that are young and impressionable, obviously. On the other side of it, I love great art. And loving words, rhyme schemes and stories the way that I do, Eminem is brilliant. I’m just newly realizing that about him.”

India.Arie Says Grammy Losses Were Politics

As we all know, India.Arie achieved getting seven Grammy nominations only to have not won a single one. It came as a shock to those of us who knew she deserved at least one.

For the first time, she has spoken out about that unfortunate night, having lost, flat out, to Alicia Keys. It did take her a while to recover.

“I was very disappointed” she admitted. “It was the first time I really saw politics at work in my life. That’s all I’m willing to say. Politics. Anyway, after that, I spent a week in Jamaica.”

What she thought about on the islands, you can hear on her new single, ‘Little Things’ lifted from the upcoming album, ‘Voyage To India’, which is scheduled to drop on the 27th of September. As some of you would’ve probably heard her new single on earlier in her last news article, it ends with the defiant line, “I don’t need no Hollywood.”

Disenchanted? “No, I just mean I don’t need Hollywood to sing my songs. All I need is my voice and my heart.”

Hear India.Arie’s Brand New Song

India.Arie is putting the finishing touches on her second album, entitled ‘Voyage to India’.

The follow-up to 2001’s fabulous ‘Acoustic Soul’ has been penciled in to drop on the 24th of September. ‘Little Things’, which has already hit airwaves Stateside, is the first single to be lifted from the upcoming LP. According to her spokeperson, India will be shooting a video for the song come 17th and 18th of August.

India’s new album will not feature any guest appearances, though she has built a reputation as being quite a collaborator since the release of ‘Acoustic Soul’. She recorded duets with John Mellencamp on his ‘Peaceful World’ song and jazz singer Cassandra Wilson, called ‘Just Another Parade’.

‘Acoustic Soul’ has sold 1.64 million copies to date, according to statistics, and it has earned India.Arie seven Grammy nominations.

The neo-soul singer whom I personally think is one of the best out there in the industry has been nominated for Best R&B/Soul Single, Solo, for her number ‘Brown Skin’ at this year’s 8th annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. The ceremony will be broadcast live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California on the 24th of August.

Hear ‘Little Things’ at the link provided below. In my opinion, I think it’s a song that has India written all over it. Either her or Aaliyah.

India.Arie’s Video Breaks Record

India.Arie’s long-running marvelous song ‘Video’ falls off Billboard’s Hot 100 this week, but not before coming close to breaking a record.

See, the funny thing is, over the course of two chart runs, India’s single, this is the one that got her those Grammy nominations, spent a total of 31 weeks on the chart, never rising higher than No. 47.

According to the people at Billboard, they’ve noted that ‘Video’ is actually the second-longest running title to not reach beyond the top 40 regions.

The record holder belongs to Ricky Martin and his ‘The Cup of Life’ which spent 34 weeks on the chart, also in two chart runs, without advancing higher than No. 45.

Krayzie Bone Mad At India.Arie’s Grammy Shutout

Krayzie Bone, the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member, was annoyed at the fact that beautiful India.Arie did not win at least one category at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards when she actually got 7 nominations, beating Alicia Keys who walked away eventually with 5 out of 6 Grammys, is a massive fan of India’s first song, ‘Video’ that propelled her into the ranks of Alicia Keys and Erykah Badu.Speaking to an online web-zine, Krayzie Bone explains why he’s affected by India’s shutout at the Grammys. “Ah man, that was scandalous. Because you know I did like a remake of one of her songs. That ‘Video’ number. It will probably be on my next solo album that I got together now. Man, I just like said word for word, everything she sung, but I just flipped it to fit me singing ‘I’m not the average n-gga from your video’. Because I just liked the song and what she was talking about. Because she was basically saying what we’re saying. ‘We not the average n-ggas. We don’t really care about all of the rings and all that,'” he said.

Krayzie Bone released his sophomore solo album, ‘Thug On Da Line’ in August on Loud Records. The singer from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will join the group to release ‘Thug World Order’ this spring.