Alicia Keys To Act In Disney Film

She may be best known as a soul songstress, but Alicia Keys is now planning to launch herself as an actress.

According to reports in the US, the singer is to star in a new Disney ‘tear-jerker’ which her manager Jeff Robinson has written.

“It’s a little bit of Sparkle, a little bit of Lady Sings the Blues” Jeff told “A lot of people don’t know that she’s been acting longer than she’s been doing music. Her mother is an actress.”

Alicia, who’s currently touring the UK, is expected to star shooting the film early next year.

Whitney Houston Snarled At Fans

Whitney Houston recently gave fans a real life dose of ‘Whatchulookinat’ when she and husband Bobby Brown pulled into the La Quinta Inn in Alpharetta, Georgia.

“Is it really her?” excited guests were wondering when she pulled up in a 2002 Porsche convertible.

Whitney snarled to the onlookers, “Dammit! What’s your problem? Mother fu**ers! Everywhere I go, it’s the same thing. Everybody lookin’ at me!”

Bobby hustled her onto the elevator to avoid causing an additional scene.

Marc Anthony Back Together With Wife

Latin singer Marc Anthony, 34, and his wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, 28, are back together now, almost three months after the couple announced their separation, according to the 4th of November issue of People magazine. They intend to renew their vows at a ceremony in Puerto Rico in December.

Hitmaker Marc had publicly stated his feelings about his wife and the separation. “I adore her. I adore the concept of my family,” Marc told LAUNCH in August. “All the work I put into it, all the work that she put in to it, I appreciate it.”

The couple married on the 9th of May 2000, in Las Vegas, and their son, Christian Anthony Muniz, was born in February of the following year. The Latin crooner also has a daughter from a prior long-term relationship.

Marc’s next single from his second English-language album is a gorgeous ballad titled ‘Everything You Do’.

He dedicates the last line of the song to his wife in the liner notes of his album.

The dedication reads
Everything you do/ makes me know how much I love you

Off Limitz Ready New Music and Tour

After a successful promotional tour across the United States this past summer, Off Limitz is back on track writing new material and getting ready for their upcoming 2003 spring/summer tour. The guys are evolving their music and insist that fans should not expect them to sound any certain way. They are just writing and producing music they feel and they like and cannot wait to present to the world. There is also some discussion around getting some dates in their native Canada where Off Limitz has not performed in over a year! Visit for the latest news and information.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor To Perform At Europe’s Biggest Gay Festivity

Sophisticated pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor is to perform at a New Year’s Eve party at London’s Alexandra Palace.

The event has been organised by the G.A.Y nightclub and is billed as Europe’s biggest gay and lesbian party.

It will also include an indoor fun fair and an ice skating rink, with more live acts to be announced.

Tickets are on sale through

Bono Writes Poetic Song For Andrea Corr

Bono has co-written a new song for Andrea Corr, the lead singer for the famous sibling band, The Corrs.

He has teamed up with Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer on a new song called ‘Time Enough For Tears’ and it will be featured on the soundtrack to Jim Sheridan’s new film ‘In America’.

“Bono saw the film and was blown away by it” Gavin Friday tells his official website. “He wanted to work with us and something happened, organically.”

“It’s very poetic, very romantic, very vulnerable and naked. It’s a beautiful song.”

‘In America’ is slated to be due out next year.

From Kelly Clarkson To Justin Guarini

In case you haven’t already heard, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has landed herself a movie role as well and she’ll be starring opposite the runner-up, Justin Guarini.

She, speaking to the press the other day, said “It’s called From Justin to Kelly. It’s like a text messaging thing. That’s why the title is so cute. It’s just Justin and I doing it with other actors we pick. It’s your basic romantic comedy.”

And meanwhile, to just set the record straight, they are not dating.

“Oh my dear God. I swear we’re just friends. We haven’t even been together to even do anything like that. That’s what I find funny. I’ve never had a boyfriend ever. I’m really focused. Justin is the same way. That’s why it’s funny that they linked us. We’re the two of the group that would totally not do that. My career is too haywire and my schedule too hectic for anything like that right now.”

Watch Ashanti’s Baby Video And What Loves Means To Her

Hand analyst Leslie Zemenek talked with Entertainment Weekly about Ashanti and what love means to the striking R&B vocalistress, based on looking at her fingerprints.

“Love is a big part of why she’s here. She’s kind of a spokesperson for the hearts of lots of people” Leslie said.

As for what Ashanti’s staying power is, the hand analyst said, “I’m getting two things. If she’s not held back by the people who manage her, she can continue to grow. But if she lets love sidetrack her from writing about love, it could prove to be a problem.”

Also, watch her brand new video ‘Baby’ below. It’s pretty infectious. Sticks to your head instantly. Ashanti – Baby (Real Video Format)

Moby Wants Fans To Enter His Competition

Moby has launched a competition for fans to direct one of his new videos.

Aspiring directors are invited to send a video treatment for any track on Moby’s new album ’18’.

The star says the videos will be considered on the merits of “imagination and conception” and not on previous achievements.

Moby will personally select his favourite idea from the ten most interesting treatments. The winning entrant will then be given a GBP5,000 budget to create a full-length promo video, which may be used for a future release.

Video treatments, that must be no larger than 2MB in size, should be sent to

with VIDEO COMP as the subject header.

Applicants should also include a very short biography of no more than 50 words.

Remember, the closing date’s on the 30th of November so hurry and good luck.

Christina Aguilera, Trash And Controversial Videos That Her Mum Loves

Christina Aguilera likes leaving behind trail of trash wherever she goes. After she and her dancers rehearsed a dance number for an upcoming music video at Moro Landis Studios in Los Angeles, the messy bunch left behind a trail of empty water and Gatorade bottles, trash, food cartons, and even a few bottles of half-consumed beer.

In the meantime, Christina spoke about her controversial new video ‘Dirrty’ which she says didn’t get a negative reaction from her mother Shelly Kearns.

She said “My mom loved it! She’s pleased with it.” As for her equally controversial Rolling Stones nude cover shoot, she commented, “I think it’s great! I think the female body is something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of.”