Marc Anthony Back Together With Wife

Latin singer Marc Anthony, 34, and his wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, 28, are back together now, almost three months after the couple announced their separation, according to the 4th of November issue of People magazine. They intend to renew their vows at a ceremony in Puerto Rico in December.

Hitmaker Marc had publicly stated his feelings about his wife and the separation. “I adore her. I adore the concept of my family,” Marc told LAUNCH in August. “All the work I put into it, all the work that she put in to it, I appreciate it.”

The couple married on the 9th of May 2000, in Las Vegas, and their son, Christian Anthony Muniz, was born in February of the following year. The Latin crooner also has a daughter from a prior long-term relationship.

Marc’s next single from his second English-language album is a gorgeous ballad titled ‘Everything You Do’.

He dedicates the last line of the song to his wife in the liner notes of his album.

The dedication reads
Everything you do/ makes me know how much I love you

Marc Anthony Hates Being Labeled As Part Of Latin Explosion

Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review Journal spoke with New York native Marc Anthony about his disgust for being categorized in the “Latin explosion.”

Marc fumed “When the hell does race or religion play a card in what you do artistically? Do you think I have talent or not?”

He added “It’s socially significant music. And you’re going to tell me that Ricky Martin’s ‘She’s All I Ever Had’ is Latin music? And Jennifer Lopez’s ‘If You Had My Love’ is Latin music? Don’t be silly.”

The successful singer said “I was just going bonkers listening to people go ‘It’s the Latin explosion thing’.” While J.Lo and Ricky don’t seem to have a problem with it, Marc sighed “Everybody else was cool with it, saying, ‘It’s our time.’ Whose time is it? I was born in New York. It was always my time.”

Marc Anthony On Love And Separation

As you would’ve probably already heard, Marc Anthony, hitmaker of material like ‘I Need To Know’, recently split up with his spouse.

Commenting on his separation from wife, a former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony said “We’re all right. We’ve always been all right. First and foremost, I know there has been so much speculation and I just want to say that we’re really good friends and I genuinely love her and she genuinely loves me.”

“But sometimes what happens is, you know, you think you’re fine. You really do think you’re fine. But then in reality, while we were separated, we realized that we had a lot to work on. That’s where we are at. We just absolutely adore each other. There’s no question about it. She e-mails me all the time and sends me pictures of the baby. I’m constantly calling and checking up on them and that’s the way it’s going to be.”