Ms Dynamite Promotes Judgement Day

Ms Dynamite is back, folks.

She recently promoted a track called Judgement Day on radio and it will be featured on her upcoming new album, which is due out in the first half of this year.

Ms Dynamite told BBC Radio One what she’s been up to. “Since everyone last saw me, I’ve been being a mum, which I’ve really, really enjoyed.”

“I’m really glad that I’ve taken time out with my son. I love him so much.”

“But, I’m at a stage now where’s he’s becoming more independent, and going to nursery now.”

“I feel totally comfortable with coming back to work and I’m dying to get back on the stage to sing, perform and get back out there.”

Ms Dynamite And Her Boy

Ms Dynamite has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy.

The award winning urban star revealed the news after nabbing yet another gong at the Capital FM charity awards ceremony in London a few nights back.

“There’s an old wives tale that you don’t put on weight when you are expecting a boy,” she said, “and that’s certainly true with me.”

Meanwhile, Ms Dynamite plays her very own headline show at London Brixton Academy on the 26th of April.

Tickets for the show are available from her website

Ms Dynamite Fights With Her Manager, Desi G

Ms Dynamite has been fighting with her manager, Desi G, lately.

Tension between the two has apparently got so bad in recent months that Ms Dynamite has even come to blows with Desi, amid claims that he has criticised her attitude to her work.

The arguments and blows escalated to an all-time high over her refusal to duet with Craig David at the Brit Awards, happening later this month.

A label source has told the papers “Desi has always tried to do the best for Ms Dynamite but she is a very strong-minded girl. He has expressed concern about her attitude to her blossoming career. This may have big ramifications on her future.”

Ms Dynamite Stole Father Of A Two Year Old Daughter

Ms Dynamite has devastated a young mum by bedding the father of her two-year-old daughter, Dwayne Seaforth.

The young mother, Sanshica Carew admitted through gritted teeth, “I still talk to Dwayne. I’ve got his child. I’ve no need to talk to Ms Dynamite. I haven’t got her child, I’ve only got Dwayne’s child.”

A male friend of Sanshica said, “Ms Dynamite likes to paint herself as the Pride of Britain, but she’s far from it. After she got together with Dwayne she purposely called Sanshica, telling her how happy they were. She definitely was gloating. Sanshica knew she couldn’t compete with a pop star. She was totally heartbroken.”

Ms Dynamite Still Feels Robbie Williams

Ms Dynamite has revealed that she’s not angry with Robbie Williams for cutting her vocals off from his new single ‘Feel’.

They had been due to work together on the single, but the version with Ms Dynamite on it was shelved.

“I saw him at the MTV awards and he was just saying to me ‘I wrote you a letter to explain why I haven’t used the version’, but I didn’t actually expect him to anyway. One because I hadn’t finished it and two because it was never set in stone.”

Ms Dynamite Says Justin Timberlake Wants Her

Ms Dynamite tells Q magazine that the famous vocalist from pop band N’Sync, Justin Timberlake has been bombarding her with phone calls.

“Justin Timberlake! Oh my god! He’s on my case. Seriously” she said.

Her manager added, “His people keep ringing me trying for him to meet Ms Dynamite. They won’t leave it alone.”

It seems he wants her to collaborate with him really badly since he’s in love with her voice.

Ms Dynamite On Why She Cancelled Appearing At Awards

Ms Dynamite has revealed why she cancelled an appearance at the Q Awards and the Carlton Multicultural Awards.

The singer told reporters “Well, it was not like I was sick in bed or anything like that, in reality. See, my best friend’s little sister Anastacia passed away and I went to her funeral.”

Anyway, fans of the striking vocalistress will her getting another chance to hit an awards show when she performs at the MTV Europe Awards on the 14th of November.

Ms Dynamite Gives Girl Wannabes Advice

Having been cornered backstage at the MOBO awards by a gaggle of journalists, the lady with the sing-song surname had some words of advice for any would-be pop ladies looking to follow in her footsteps.

She told “Essentially, you don’t need to take off all your clothes. You don’t have to have a big bumper or a big bust. Look at me! I have none of those things.”

“Just do your best and work hard.”

Feel With Robbie And Ms Dynamite

Robbie Williams has planned an explosive duet for his new single. Robbie has recorded a duet with urban star Ms Dynamite for his new single, ‘Feel’.

The track will be the first release from Robbie’s new album, ‘Escapology’ and the two artists have done their best to keep the collaboration secret.

Robbie has paid GBP500,000 of his own money to shoot a video for ‘Feel’ as he is currently without a record label. Hollywood star Darryl Hannah will feature in the video. Robbie’s new album, currently the subject of a bidding war between the major record labels, has a tentative release date of 18th of November although there is no confirmed release date for the single.

Ms Dynamite is currently the flavour of the moment after picking up the Mercury Music prize for her debut album, ‘A Little Deeper’.

Ms Dynamite Prefers Having Single That Tops The Charts

Ms Dynamite has said that she would rather have a No 1 single than win the Mercury Music Prize.

Her album ‘A Little Deeper’ is up against albums from The Doves, David Bowie and Electric Soft Parade.

She was being interviewed the other day by Vernon Kay when he asked her which she’d rather have.

After thinking for a moment, she replied sheepishly “Ooh, that’s a tough one. If I’m honest, a No 1 slot.”

The winner of the Mercury Music Prize will be announced in September.