Foxy Brown Hits Manicurist In The Face With Handphone

Rap beauty Foxy Brown reportedly hit a New York manicurist in the face with her mobile phone on Friday August 27, only hours after shouting at Louis Vuitton sales advisors.

The 24 year old rapper caused a furore at Bloomie Nails on Manhattan’s 23rd Street, following her tirade at accessory giants Louis Vuitton, where she yelled, swore and ‘finger-snapped’ at sales assistants.

Following her shopping trip, Foxy Brown visited Bloomie for a manicure and pedicure, where she reportedly refused to pay for her $35 treatment and was forced out of the store by employees.A Bloomie worker claims, “She was here and she hit someone with her phone in the face. The girl who works here had to go to the hospital.”

Foxy’s spokesperson Marvet Britto denies his client assaulted anybody, but admitted there had been a heated discussion.

He said, “There was a dispute over payment. She got her pedicure, but the woman tried to charge her for both the manicure and the pedicure. She definitely did not hit her with the cellphone.”

Foxy Brown Turns Down Offer From Playboy

Foxy Brown has turned down the chance to take it all off for Playboy because she has promised herself that only her boyfriend will see her naked.

“I think it’s a great magazine but I turned it down,” she said. “I have a mother and a father and there’s certain things I won’t do.”

“Yesh yesh, I’m a very sexual person and everyone knows that from my lyrics, but see the thing is, my man is the only one who is privy to see me in a G-string or in the flesh.”

Foxy Brown’s The Outcast Of Female Rappers

“I’m like the outcast of all female rappers because I don’t do what others do” said Foxy Brown to BBC’s Radio 1 recently. “It’s like What’s Foxy going to do next? I’ve had to really prove myself to Def Jam. Now they understand. I went to Bad Boy and right before I signed those papers to Puff – Leeroy came up. I’m with Def Jam now.

She also talked about her future and the way she sees it.

I know where I’ve been and I know where I’m going. So focused. The most real line in here is every time I hit the ground I bounce right back at you. Just when they think I’m over, we come with something new.

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So Foxy

There’s been lots of debate recently about whether rapper Foxy Brown would release her next new album on her old label Def Jam or Puff Daddy’s label Bad Boy as it was rumoured he was trying to lure her away from Def Jam.

Foxy has made her decision by compromising. It’s reported that she’s staying with Def Jam but Diddy will exclusively produce the music for her new stuff.

Apparently, the card are on the table that imply that there will also be a duet with pop star Nelly Furtado on Foxy’s new album, titled ‘Ill Na Na 2; The Fever.’ If that really does happen, then that should be a particular attention-grabbing track, shouldn’t it?