Foxy Brown Hits Manicurist In The Face With Handphone

Rap beauty Foxy Brown reportedly hit a New York manicurist in the face with her mobile phone on Friday August 27, only hours after shouting at Louis Vuitton sales advisors.

The 24 year old rapper caused a furore at Bloomie Nails on Manhattan’s 23rd Street, following her tirade at accessory giants Louis Vuitton, where she yelled, swore and ‘finger-snapped’ at sales assistants.

Following her shopping trip, Foxy Brown visited Bloomie for a manicure and pedicure, where she reportedly refused to pay for her $35 treatment and was forced out of the store by employees.A Bloomie worker claims, “She was here and she hit someone with her phone in the face. The girl who works here had to go to the hospital.”

Foxy’s spokesperson Marvet Britto denies his client assaulted anybody, but admitted there had been a heated discussion.

He said, “There was a dispute over payment. She got her pedicure, but the woman tried to charge her for both the manicure and the pedicure. She definitely did not hit her with the cellphone.”

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