Kylie Minogue’s Into Mark B And Tommy Evans

Kylie Minogue recently spoke about her favourite song on the radio at the moment and it’s the stunning Mark B number entitled Move Now. It features Leeds born & raised Tommy Evans who currently working on his debut LP.

“I’m in utter awe of this track. It’s just sheer goodness. I can’t help but move to this song. The Bollywood thing in the song makes it so sexy.”

Move Now is the eagerly anticipated release from one of the UK’s most highly regarded & respected hip hop producers, Mark B.This single would be best described as a cutting edge hip hop bullet fusing Bollywood beats with hard edged funk.

Mark B and Tommy Evans can be found touring the UK even as you read this.

Watch out for their date in Fabric, London on September 17.

Buy the hot single when it comes out in a record store near you on September 13.

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