OTV, England’s New Pop Boy Group

England’s newest boy group, OTV which stands for One True Voice, has been unveiled finally when Chris Park, 20, of Newcastle, became the last contestant to leave ITV’s Popstars – The Rivals after a public vote on Saturday.

OTV’s line-up now include

Keith Semple

Jamie Shaw

Anton Gordon

Matt Johnson

Daniel Pearce

OTV are due to release a single in time for the race to secure the Christmas number one chart slot.

The show continues next week when the search for the final five members of an all-girl band comes to an end.

Moby Finds MJ’s Baby Dangling Upsetting

Moby joined the list of people chiming in on the Michael Jackson baby dangling incident in Berlin on Tuesday.

Moby writes on his online diary “The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a lot of bizarre celebrity meltdowns. And a lot of instances where celebrities have behaved boorishly or unethically. But Michael Jackson dangling a baby off of a 4th floor balcony really does just about take the cake.”

“That photograph is one of the most disturbing things that I’ve seen in a long while. I don’t even think that I can make a lighthearted quip about it. It’s just upsetting.”

Britney Spears Does Not Like Darius Danesh

Darius Danesh’s desire to meet Britney Spears went horribly wrong. The Pop Idol assumed she’d know who he was when he invited himself into her recording studio. Britney was furious and stormed out.

Darius said “I’m upset. I like her a lot and I guess I shouldn’t have done what I did. Oh dear, she must know me now and will surely think awfully of me.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Doesn’t Want To Spend Much Time In USA

While Sophie Ellis Bextor has found some success in America, what with her single ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ burning up the Billboard Dance charts and all, she recently told the press that she has no absolutely no intention of spending much time there.

The stunning vocalistress said “I’ve no desire to spend a massive chunk of my time touring the States. It’s nice to visit but the more time I spend there the more I realise I’m very European.”

“I’m doing well in lots of other countries so I’m afraid America is just going to have to get to the back of the queue.”

Ms Dynamite Still Feels Robbie Williams

Ms Dynamite has revealed that she’s not angry with Robbie Williams for cutting her vocals off from his new single ‘Feel’.

They had been due to work together on the single, but the version with Ms Dynamite on it was shelved.

“I saw him at the MTV awards and he was just saying to me ‘I wrote you a letter to explain why I haven’t used the version’, but I didn’t actually expect him to anyway. One because I hadn’t finished it and two because it was never set in stone.”

Sarah Whatmore And Fashion

Sarah Whatmore recently revealed that she is very individualistic when it comes to fashion.

“I’ve always been into my clothes and had my own sort of image. I just wear what I feel comfy in. I have to. Also, I love it when me and my friends are all like individualistic.”

So, now that she has a blooming pop career, she would need to have a stylist decide fashion for her so just what is it like having a stylist, Sarah?

“Honestly, it’s fun really. You’ve got to have someone helping you out because you’re thinking about so much else that it’s nice to have someone to back you up with fashion choices.”

Priya Thomas And Her Cool Songs For Car Commercials

Critics who’ve heard Priya Thomas are telling all to buy her records and give her massive support because she’s simply amazing. She doesn’t merely sing the song, she SINGS the song. Captivating listeners across not only in Canada but other nations as well, the stunning and chic Priya Thomas is not your average angry female singer. Her new LP, out in stores and available online too, ‘Songs For Car Commercials’ features not only a great sound but proves Priya’s versatility.

She produced, arranged and mixed the album herself, along with writing and playing guitar, piano and sequencing samples. Try and imagine Sinead O’Connor meets Radiohead. You may want to throw in a bit of Sarah McLachlan too.

“I practically did everything myself. I would love to think of it as brooding pop music with equal parts elegance and edge. It’s cool” said Priya, speaking to an online webzine.

“I’ve been getting positive reviews and all that stuff. It’s very flattering and I’m extremely humbled by it. Critics have been very kind. Fans have been too.”

If you’ve never heard of her, you definitely want to buy her LP or check out her very stylish website

Scott Cain – New single!

Scott Cain is releasing a third single called “Ocean’s In Between Us” and it was recorded with a Sydney-based high profile rapper (originally from New York), Ekko, who has also worked with artists like Puff Daddy, among others.

The single will only be released online and will not be available in stores. The single is limited to 1000 copies being made so be quick to get your hands on a copy. You can have a preview of the single and also order your copy or even have a listen by heading over to Scott Cain’s official website at www.ScottCain.com.

Scott launched the single during an exclusive online chat to his fans which saw hundreds of fans pack the chat room, all there to chat to Scott and have

a first listen to the new single. When talking about the single Scott says, “it’s a song I wrote with 2 other people – one was Nick Howard (who I work

with a bit), and the other guy is Ekko, he’s a rapper from America who was in New York on the day of September 11. And this year on Sept. 11 – we got

together and decided to write a song about it. He raps about what happened to him & what he saw – and I sing about how it was for us in Australia. I

think the song turned out great – it has real power and emotion!” Scott says.

The cost of the single is $4.00 (which includes postage and handling costs) and better yet, 50 cents from each and every sale will be donated to the Red Cross to support victims of terrorism.

By purchasing a copy you could also win exclusive Scott Cain merchandise or even TOP 40 cd’s over the next 5 weeks. Checkout www.ScottCain.com for all the details!

a1’s Boys Pursue Solo Careers

a1 maybe no more, but that’s not stopping its members from pursuing solo careers within the industry.

Last week, Ben, Christian and Mark followed the recent departure of Paul from the band by issuing a statement announcing their split.

It also revealed that the remaining members have already started on solo projects. Mark is writing with Kylie hitmaker Rob Davis and Christian has formed a production company in Norway which will be releasing a single by hot new Norwegian artist Maria Arredondo over the next few months.

However, the best news is that the baby of the band Ben is already busy working on a solo album which he should be releasing sometime next year.

Elton John Speaks Against The Likes Of Simon Cowell

Elton John has spoken out against the whole Pop Idol phenomenon, claiming that the likes of Simon Cowell see their young charges as a commodity or just “another Mercedes Benz.”

The flamboyant rocker admitted that the music industry today is far too preoccupied with image and packaging of artists, as opposed to the old-fashioned notion of songwriting and playing live.

“Bernie and I started off songwriting and there were no videos in those days” Elton said. “You had to work live to get a record contract. It was all about the song. These days, it’s all about the packaging aspect of it. The songwriting aspect has gone out the window a little bit!”

Although Elton is critical of the TV talent show phenomenon, he admits that he’s very supportive of the performers “I’m on the side of the artist. I’m not on the side of someone of like Simon Cowell who sees them as another Mercedes Benz. He has no love for Will Young or Gareth Gates. He’s raking the money in. When someone else comes along in two years he’ll replace them. It’s kind of cruel. I feel for them. They’re being used by people who are making a fortune.”

Elton John’s ‘Definitive Greatest Hits’ is released later this month.