Priya Thomas And Her Cool Songs For Car Commercials

Critics who’ve heard Priya Thomas are telling all to buy her records and give her massive support because she’s simply amazing. She doesn’t merely sing the song, she SINGS the song. Captivating listeners across not only in Canada but other nations as well, the stunning and chic Priya Thomas is not your average angry female singer. Her new LP, out in stores and available online too, ‘Songs For Car Commercials’ features not only a great sound but proves Priya’s versatility.

She produced, arranged and mixed the album herself, along with writing and playing guitar, piano and sequencing samples. Try and imagine Sinead O’Connor meets Radiohead. You may want to throw in a bit of Sarah McLachlan too.

“I practically did everything myself. I would love to think of it as brooding pop music with equal parts elegance and edge. It’s cool” said Priya, speaking to an online webzine.

“I’ve been getting positive reviews and all that stuff. It’s very flattering and I’m extremely humbled by it. Critics have been very kind. Fans have been too.”

If you’ve never heard of her, you definitely want to buy her LP or check out her very stylish website

Priya Thomas Digs O-Town And Avril Lavigne

Priya Thomas, one of Canada’s promising new vocalists, said that although boybands aren’t exactly what she’d call her musical inspirations, she did say that O-Town were an exception though.

“I think that O-Town has got this certain edge about them that makes them stand out. They’re like this band who can’t quite decide to be a rock band or one of those unmemorable ones. But then again, that makes them quite unique doesn’t it?”

“And as for Avril, I think she’s gifted and she has broke out in phenomenal ways. So that’s good for her.”

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Songs By Priya Thomas For Those Of Us Who Appreciate Quality Music

If there’s a female artist that’s genuinely deserves to be massive, it’s none other than the attractive Priya Thomas. And if you appreciate good quality music, then you’d see what so many others have seen in Priya and give her your support by getting her LP. In essence, get your radio stations playing her songs.

Head on down to her website and you’d be able to see the numerous glowing reviews from critics. Priya’s official website is easily reached at

“Priya Thomas is a one-woman band, standing before you with nothing but her guitar and a beatbox.”

“She is a multi-instrumentalist who composes on guitar and piano, programs all her own loops and now even records her own material.”Unlike many solo female performers, Priya Thomas is a trained dancer, and her live show is movement driven; hurling herself at the microphone while frantically twisting knobs and flailing onstage, a dervish stumbling through digital punk-rock.

If you’ve got the chance to catch her live show, then you simply have to drop whatever you’re doing and watch her perform. Priya’s gigs are a strange mix of Blondie, Nina Hagen and the contortions of Le Cirque du Soleil.

Her new CD, ‘Songs For Car Commercials’, described as digital garage pop, which you must get, is a cleaver-sharp chronicle of being an “outsider”. Priya’s disc is a collection of cleverly crafted futuristic pop songs about the human spirit and what it means to survive in a materially insatiable world. Defiant and anti-authoritarian, singer-songwriter Priya Thomas represents a new phenomenon.

You can tell the striking Priya what you think of her music by emailing her at

I shall end this with another positive review.

“When you invite comparisons to almost all of the female artists who’ve changed the face of music over the last 20 years (PJ Harvey, Bjork, Kate Bush, Madonna), you know that you’re good. When you can invite those same comparisons without ever once seeming derivative, you know that you’re great. Priya’s it.”