Mandy Moore Inspires Fan Who Lost Her Mom

Here’s further proof that Mandy Moore’s a very kind person.

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official forum thanked the singer/actress for her role in ‘A Walk To Remember’, which touched the fan very much.

Catie had lost her mother to cancer recently and later decided to watch the movie. “I then began to find out more about you and I was amazed” she said.

“I mean you’re on the Red Cross cabinet and you have had how many albums at the age of 18! I was so impressed I wanted to try and do that with my life instead of just sitting around being depressed.”

Mandy responded “First of all, bless you! What an inspiration you are to me! I am beyond flattered that you found comfort in the film and it motivated you to continue moving forward with your life! I can’t believe the kind of stength you have! Wow! You and your family are in my prayers.”

Pregnant Hazel May Get Solo Record Deal

Popstar hopeful Hazel Kaneswaran has been ousted from the show for being too old.

Hazel, who is due to give birth any day, is 10 days too old for the show.

Viewers will see her make it into the final ten girls in this Saturday’s show. But an extra show will be screened on Sunday with judges Geri Halliwell and Louis Walsh flying to Dublin to tell Hazel she has been axed.

Contestants have to be aged between 16 and 24 on July 1, but Hazel turned 25 on June 20 reports the papers.

Reports are fast emerging that suggest record company Polydor is now thinking about offering Hazel a solo recording contract.

From what I’ve heard about the girl, I think she truly deserves it.

Christina Aguilera To Perform For Ecuador’s Former Ambassador

The Washington Times reports Christina Aguilera, who has Ecuadorean roots, and other entertainers will perform for Ecuador’s former ambassador to the United States, Ivonne A-Baki at Trump Plaza.

A-Baki hopes to become Ecuador’s first female leader and then work to eliminate corruption, promote the rule of law, create jobs, and support health and education.

Meanwhile, you can view Christina Aguilera’s planned disc cover for ‘Stripped’ due out in stores late October below

Tarty or arty – You decide.

Is Enrique Iglesias A Pretty Face And Nothing More?

Enrique Iglesias got asked about criticisms that he’s just a pretty boy and not much of an entertainer six days ago.

“I’m not insecure about that” he says. “I know I don’t have the greatest voice in the world. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.”

“But, not to compare myself, did Bob Dylan have the greatest voice in the world? Or Madonna? Or Julio Iglesias? People say ‘He just sold albums because he had a pretty face’. Bull!”

“There’s a thousand people out there with pretty faces. People buy albums because they like the songs and what they’re hearing. The only thing I have to prove is that I can write better songs.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sees Her Breasts As Different People

Jennifer Love Hewitt chatted with Evan Henerson of the LA Daily News about her new movie ‘The Tuxedo’ that has her again dealing with cleavage jokes, something the actress/singer has become used to.

“Boobs and things are brought up so much and sort of talked about so much that I almost think of them as a completely different person” she says.

“So now, I don’t really think about it or take offence. I wish there was something else about me they could use to make jokes about, or talk about in interviews, but that’s kind of not my job. If that’s what they respond to, then fine.”

Usher Doesn’t Like Justin Timberlake To Be Called The Next MJ

Reports are surfacing that a round of Usher baiting Justin Timberlake into a dance-off occurred when Justin and Charmed actress Alyssa Milano were on the dance floor at LA hot spot, Deluxe.

Four burly bodyguards cleared much of the floor so Usher could dance. Justin tried to talk with the R&B star, but he wasn’t in the mood. Afterwards, Usher approached the love birds’ table and started dancing and motioning for Justin to join him.

It seems Usher doesn’t like Justin being billed the next Michael Jackson, since he’s enjoyed that label himself. Sources claims that the two are friends and there is no Michael Jackson related rivalry. Usher’s representative gave a no comment on the report.

Samantha Mumba Supports The Girls

Irish popster, Samantha Mumba has come out on the side of the sisters in the great Popstars: The Rivals debate.

We were talking to the singer-cum-actress when the subject turned to the new ITV series and, despite many of the public thinking that the boys will snare the Christmas No 1, the lovely lass has come out in support of the girls.

“You never know, the girls might win” she told us, adding, “Everyone says that the guys will win because the girls love them and all that kind of stuff but I suppose a girl won Big Brother for the first time this year didn’t she, so maybe this is the year for the girls.”

And how does the star, whose fresh single, ‘I’m Right Here’, will hit the shops on the 14th of October, think her manager, Louis Walsh, is faring as a judge on the show?

“I think he’s fine, he’s well able to stand up himself. He’s cool” Sam said.

The Truth With Truth Hurts And R Kelly

Truth Hurts is taking a risk with her next album release off her Truthfully Speaking’ debut. It’s going to be a duet with R Kelly entitled ‘The Truth’.

She says there was no hesitation releasing the single with the troubled Kelly, “There was no hesitation for me,” she said. “But of course there was, because record companies think about money, that’s it. I thought about it being a great song, and I thought about it being my song”.

“And I don’t judge, man. That’s what I thought about when that happened.”

Nicole Appleton’s Abortion – Robbie’s Or Cal Cooper’s?

Worlds Apart idol Cal Cooper tells the papers that Nicole Appleton couldn’t have possibly known Robbie Williams was the father of the baby she aborted under pressure from pop bosses four years ago, since she was cheating on Robbie with him.

“She can’t have known who the father was because she can’t possibly have forgotten what she was doing with me before she tried playing happy families with that Robbie” Cooper blabbed.

“We did it in every position imaginable. It wasn’t just on the bed either ok. We had sex standing against the wall, on one of the tables in a hotel room, across a chair. It was completely wild and uninhibited.”

“I’d be having sex with her and carrying her around the room at the same time so we could do it in different places.”

“The child could very well be mine. She’s definitely not certain who the father is.”

Bardot’s Sophie Monk Goes Inside Out

It may be all over for Bardot but it is just starting for Sophie Monk. The former Popstar winner is launching her solo career.

Sophie is about to release ‘Inside Out’, written for her by UK songwriters Rob Davis and Steve Mac, who between them have written for Kylie Minogue, Ronan Keating and Britney Spears.

The solo start for Sophie is the second from the former Bardot line-up following close on the heels of Katie Underwood. Katie is already two hits in off the back of her producers Disco Montego.

Sophie recorded ‘Inside Out’ in London in July, not long after the Bardot bust-up in May. “I had some time off a few months after Bardot to really think about what I wanted to do with my life” Sophie says.

“During that time I realized I really do belong in the music business.”

Her album will be released early 2003.