Truth Hurts Back With Truth

Truth Hurts is about to return to the urban music scene under the name Truth.

After one massive Bollywood-esque single, an excellent album and a court case, she has parted company with Dr Dre & his company to work with people like Raphael Saadiq.

There is one heavy new track called ‘No Regrets’ aparently floating around on the Net which those who’ve managed a listen all say it’s just damn ace.

Truth Hurts Eagerly Waits For Beyonce’s Solo LP

Truth Hurts, in a radio interview, said “I don’t listen to the radio so if I have or was to buy anybody’s disc, it’s because I feel they are a true artist!”

The sexy lady who gave us that brilliant Bollywood-sounding number, told all who tuned in who’s been making the rounds on her cd player these days. “I have Jill Scott, India.Arie, my girl Lauryn Hill, but who I’m really looking forward to is … Beyonce Knowles!”

“People really don’t know the talent that this woman has, the beautiful humanitarian that she is and she’s a sweetheart! But people hate her because she is up front in your face like what! I’m beautiful, talented, sexy, and a business woman!”

“Beyonce is like an onion and no she doesn’t smell. There are just so many layers to her, that she’s going to peel off slowly with everything that she does, and the world is not ready!”

The Truth With Truth Hurts And R Kelly

Truth Hurts is taking a risk with her next album release off her Truthfully Speaking’ debut. It’s going to be a duet with R Kelly entitled ‘The Truth’.

She says there was no hesitation releasing the single with the troubled Kelly, “There was no hesitation for me,” she said. “But of course there was, because record companies think about money, that’s it. I thought about it being a great song, and I thought about it being my song”.

“And I don’t judge, man. That’s what I thought about when that happened.”

Truth Hurts Makes You Want To Study The Kama Sutra And Belly Dance

You must have heard the brilliant sounds of Truth Hurts and her debut offering with Rakim ‘Addictive’ by now.

Do, if possible, catch her music video as every note, chant, beat, image, and dance in ‘Addictive’ relies on the romantic notion that the Middle East and India are inherently mystical and sexy so much so that it makes you suddenly want to rush out and study the Kama Sutra, practice Tantric Sex, ride magic carpets and belly dance naked in the moonlight or something.

That’s what the music video does to you.

Truth Hurts recently admitted she has never heard anything like Indian music before yet describes ‘Addictive’ as “bringing some truth to the table.”

She said “It’s sparkling. Rich. Exotic. Enticing. So many wonderfully terms to describe Indian music. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s not your average kind of sound and beat for sure. It’s almost magical.”

“Makes me want to get up and dance all night long.”

Truth Hurts When You Face It

Shari Watson, popularly known as the ‘Addictive’ singer, Truth Hurts, recently had to face the truth herself. Supposedly, her brilliant catchy single illegally used a sample from an Indian movie soundtrack.

Although Dr. Dre didn’t produce the song since he is the CEO of Aftermath Records and executive producer of the album, his name was listed in the lawsuit.

DJ Quik produced Truth Hurts’ number, thinking it was brilliant to use the sample from the Hindi song, ‘Thoda Resham Lagta Hai’, which I must say is a very clever and unique thing to have done. Anyway, the Hindi song was sung by Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar and it’s lifted from the movie ‘Jyoti’.

Although the lawsuit has been submitted, it may not head in the court’s direction afterall because Dr. Dre is currently in settlement talks with Indian label, Saregama India Limited.

Truth Hurts In UK

As earlier reported on, Truth Hurts appears to be riding high on the Billboard charts Stateside with the infectious number of a single ‘Addictive’ and now she unleashes that very same addictive material over here in the UK.

Truth Hurts’ single will be out in all good record stores come 19th of August so do grab yourself a copy. Her track’s just been picked up by BBC Radio 1 and over there, it’s been reported that everybody loves this number.

You’ll absolutely love it, that’s for sure. If you’ve got the RealPlayer plugin, do click on the link below and you’d be able to watch the Bollywood-inspired number right before your very eyes this instant. universal/truthhurts/truthhurts_addictive_nb.rm

Alternatively, you could just head on down to her official homepage:

You really don’t want to be the last to hear her now, do you? Trust me, it’s probably one of 2002’s catchiest songs.

Truth Hurts And So Go Get Addicted

My back is achin’/ From all love makin’/ Oh, yes, I’m taken/ Ain’t no use in fakin’/ My ups, my downs/ My high and my lows/ From head to toe/ He makes me blow/ He hits the spot/ He makes me hot/ I’m all that he’s got/ And he’s all that I’ve got/ He’s so contagious/ He turns my pages/ He’s got me anxious/ He’s what I’ve waited for/

You just read a few lines off Shari Watson’s debut track, entitled ‘Addictive’. She is also more popularly known by her stage moniker, Truth Hurts. She’s being talked about in the same breath as singers like Ashanti, Tweet and Sharissa as a potential successor to Mary J. Blige’s queen of hip-hop soul crown. Her track’s simply massive and so far, her single’s peaking at a No. 9 slot on the Billboard charts.

I would give it 4 stars out of 5 for Truth’s first single. I don’t know what it is about this song but hearing it the first time round on my local airwaves certainly got me addicted. But then again, I think I do. Maybe it’s her voice or the Indian lady who sings in Hindi in the background. It might just be the chorus or even the flute riffs in parts of the song.

“I was like, ‘Man, I’ve never heard anything like this. I adore it’. I took it to Dre that day, and he was like, ‘This changes the game right here. He said ‘I love this track. It’s irresistible. I think it should be your first single.'” Truth, who has had operatic training since young, explained, as to how her virgin number came about.”The song is really simple” Dr. Dre said. “All it is, really, is a drum track, bassline and there’s this Indian girl singing brilliantly. And it was just plain incredible.”

Speaking recently to, Truth said, with loads of frankness “I’ve experienced a lot of lies and bullsh– with people in the music industry. It’s not truthful and honest at all. I got to a point where I was fed up with that. When you’re an artist you feel like, ‘This is the only thing I have,’ and you want to push forth… Just going through with the bullsh–, sometimes makes your art not worth it at all.”

From her years of toiling in the music industry, Truth’s obviously tired and at one point, nearly gave it all up but with ‘Addictive’ buzzing left, right and center now, she’s definitely got her mentor and good friend, Dr. Dre, to thank. He was, without doubt, actually on to something when he convinced her to give it another go on the mic.

“I think a lot of the music the female artists are putting out right now is kind of bubble-gummish. Not to take anything away from the female artists that are out there now. They’re doing their thing, but that’s their thing. I wanted a singer that can really sing, but do the type of music that my audience is going to buy. I don’t think that’s been done so far. It’s been done with singers singing on rap records, what have you, making it edgy and all. But nobody just came for themselves, making an entire edgy R&B album. And I think Truth did just that.”

Showered with production from DJ Quik, Hi-Tek, Organized Noise and more, Truth’s full-length release, ‘Truthfully Speaking’, will be dropping in all good music outlets on the 18th of June. Her complete tracklisting for her debut offering’s listed below.




Truth Hurts, The


Next To Me


Addictive (featuring Rakim)




Not Really Lookin






Do Me


This Feelin’




That’s Love


Hollywood Niggas




What I Am

Be sure to check her official space on the web, proudly located at an easy to remember URL: