Truth Hurts Makes You Want To Study The Kama Sutra And Belly Dance

You must have heard the brilliant sounds of Truth Hurts and her debut offering with Rakim ‘Addictive’ by now.

Do, if possible, catch her music video as every note, chant, beat, image, and dance in ‘Addictive’ relies on the romantic notion that the Middle East and India are inherently mystical and sexy so much so that it makes you suddenly want to rush out and study the Kama Sutra, practice Tantric Sex, ride magic carpets and belly dance naked in the moonlight or something.

That’s what the music video does to you.

Truth Hurts recently admitted she has never heard anything like Indian music before yet describes ‘Addictive’ as “bringing some truth to the table.”

She said “It’s sparkling. Rich. Exotic. Enticing. So many wonderfully terms to describe Indian music. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s not your average kind of sound and beat for sure. It’s almost magical.”

“Makes me want to get up and dance all night long.”

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