Truth Hurts In UK

As earlier reported on, Truth Hurts appears to be riding high on the Billboard charts Stateside with the infectious number of a single ‘Addictive’ and now she unleashes that very same addictive material over here in the UK.

Truth Hurts’ single will be out in all good record stores come 19th of August so do grab yourself a copy. Her track’s just been picked up by BBC Radio 1 and over there, it’s been reported that everybody loves this number.

You’ll absolutely love it, that’s for sure. If you’ve got the RealPlayer plugin, do click on the link below and you’d be able to watch the Bollywood-inspired number right before your very eyes this instant. universal/truthhurts/truthhurts_addictive_nb.rm

Alternatively, you could just head on down to her official homepage:

You really don’t want to be the last to hear her now, do you? Trust me, it’s probably one of 2002’s catchiest songs.

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