Britney Spears Hurts US Fans As Well

No stranger to hurting fans nowdays is Britney Spears who snubbed hundreds of fans, all of whom waited two hours in the rain just to see the singer, in New York the other day. Why no stranger, you ask? Earlier this year, Britney snubbed British fans at the UK premiere of her first film, ‘Crossroads’, that’s why.

Britney was at the launch of her NYLA restaurant in New York last Thursday, but chose not to greet any of the fans that came along to vouch their support.

The singer arrived at NYLA venue an hour late, and spent moments talking to waiting reporters before going inside, leaving fans feeling miffed.”I think it’s a little insulting that she didn’t come over and at least say ‘Hi'”said one fan.

“We’ve been waiting here for hours in this rain to see Britney, and she does this to us” said a fellow rain soaked fan. He then added “Looks like it’s time to move on to the upcoming ‘American Idol -‘ perhaps.’ He is of course, referring to the winner that’ll be celebrated in a couple of months time when the American equivalent of UK’s smash reality show ‘Pop Idol’ comes to a close.

Anyway, Britney has had a lot of input into the restaurant’s menu. This comes backed by the restaurant manager Bobby Ochs, saying “Britney came up with some of the southern flavoured dishes like southern fried chicken. We’ve tried to reflect her taste in food.”

Britney is rumoured to be comfort eating since her split from boyfriend Justin Timberlake and also at the news that her parents are divorcing. From the looks of things, she appears to have packed on the pounds quite a bit.

Keep this up, Britney and you’ll be losing your popularity faster than you can spell the title of your latest single.

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