Gareth Gates Says A Lot These Days

Gareth Gates seem to have been talking a lot lately, giving his opinions and setting right any gossips that link him up with anyone. Not that it’s a bad thing really but Gareth doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who talks a lot. Check out what he had to say below.

Gareth has denied that he is dating his former ‘Pop Idol’ co-contestant Hayley Evetts. A report in the News Of The World suggested that the pair were dating and that Gareth had bought Hayley a GBP1,000 bracelet as a show of his love.

“No way, me and Hayley are just good friends and that’s it” Gareth told reporters. “It’s a shame when you can’t have girls as friends without people thinking that you’re dating. Boys and girls can most definitely be friends and just keep it at that, giving and taking respect and all” said Gareth.

The singer, who celebrates his 18th birthday on the 12th of July, also denied he had romanced ‘Pop Idol’ chum Zoe Birkett. “I’m best friends with Zoe” said Gareth. “We all spent a long time together filming the show and just became close but there’s absolutely no romance” said Gareth.

What else did Gareth pour out in recent times? Well, he has denied that he and ‘Pop Idol’ winner Will Young will be releasing a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Long And Winding Road’ as a single. “Yes, there are plans for me and Will to work together but I don’t think we’ll be releasing that song” said Gareth.

Gareth said he had fulfilled a dream recently when he met up with his idol, George Michael. “He was recording his new album in the same studio as me recently and I said I’ve just got to meet him or die trying. I did meet my idol and George was really sweet and nice.” Gareth confirmed that George had sent him GBP300 worth of champagne when he pipped George to the No.1 spot with ‘Unchained Melody’ a few months back. “I haven’t seen the champagne though. It was sent to my management office” revealed Gareth.

Gareth’s new single, ‘Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)’ is released on the 8th of July.

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