Sugababes Fight During Interview

Apparently the Sugababes had a blow up, or at least with Heidi Range and Mutya Buena during an interview at Party in the Park.

“While being interviewed, someone asked them about all the in-fighting,” a source revealed.

“Heidi and Mutya said ‘Fu** this’, started aruging with each other and stormed off later, leaving Keisha Buchanan alone to continue the interview.”

Asked whether they’re going to split up, Keisha said “No, we’ve too much respect for our fans.”

Sugababes Not Popular These Days?

According to reports, the Sugababes’ gig at Ragley Hall on 4 July has sold so few tickets that organisers are having to resort to supermarket tactics and flog seats at two for the price of one.

A surprised insider remarked, “They’re a brilliant live act with a strong fan base so no one can understand why they aren’t selling. The date is fast approaching so the organisers decided to take drastic action and slash the cost.”

Sugababes To Become A Duo?

Just as their latest single ‘Hole In The Head’ tops the UK charts, reports are quickly emerging saying that the Sugababes are on the verge of breaking up once again. Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena have told pals they can’t wait to get rid of bandmate Heidi Range and become a duo.

“Keisha and Mutya don’t get on with Heidi very well,” a source close to the fractured trio revealed.

“It’s hard because she joined the band after them. Plus they have been friends for ages. They want her out and would rather sing as a duo.”

Sugababes Live Chat & Appearance @ BBCi Studio this Friday

Sugababes get set to ‘Shape’ you up at the BBCi Studio

On Friday 28th February at 4.30pm music fans will get the chance to meet and greet seductive girl band the Sugababes as they celebrate the release of their new single Shape. Joining BBCi-presenter DJ Spooney in the BBCi live web chat studio on Aldwych, London, the Angels with Dirty Faces Heidi, Mutya and Keisha will be answering your questions so get them in RIGHT NOW by visiting

If you can make it down to Aldwych you’ll be able to see the Babes through the huge glass windows of the BBCi studio and watch/hear their live interview. You’ll also be able to text in your questions to them and maybe even get a wave! One lucky fan from outside the BBCi studio, will get to meet the Sugababes by texting the best question .

For those fans that can’t make it down to the studio you can log on to to watch the live chat. You can send in your questions to the Sugababes via the website.

You can submit your questions RIGHT NOW for the Sugababes by visiting and log in on the 28th Feb or join us at the BBCi studio to see the babes answering your questions.

Ex-Another Level Member Wants Javine Hilton And Duets With Keisha of Sugababes

Wayne Williams, formerly of Another Level, is looking to sign Javine Hilton, who came close to being in the final line-up of Girls Aloud, the girl group spawned by ITV’s Popstars The Rivals TV series to his new London record label.

He is eager to hook up the 20 year old starlet with Daydream Records, the label that was recently launched with his brother Jason Williams, and he agreed with the ITV viewer’s decision to vote Javine off the girl group Girls Aloud.Wayne said “I agreed entirely with the audience’s decision for Javine NOT to be part of the Girls Aloud. She exudes the kind of urban appeal that Ms Dynamite has captured brilliantly. She is just simply far too good to be in a manufactured pop band, plus she has an amazing talent and I want to work with her. I really think possibly she could be even bigger than Ms Dynamite!”

Wayne also added “We are now in the process of making the formal offer of a recording contract to Javine through her management. We are aware that a number of major record labels have expressed an interest in signing Javine, but we are confident that our offer is the most attractive and appealing to her, allowing Javine to develop her own identity and music style on an urban music level, rather than going to a major record label and being another manufactured artist.”

Wayne also previewed his new single at the label launch, and has collaborated with Keisha from the Sugababes on the club mix of the new single ‘Anything Is Possible’ which is tentatively scheduled for release early next year.

Heidi Sugababes And Her Busty Behaviour

Heidi from the Sugababes had a job to keep herself covered up at the Ibiza Lynx Extended Play Summer Party over last weekend. The 300 sun-soaked crowd were savouring every second while Heidi bounced around stage in a very skimpy black satin top.

This busty behaviour is becoming an ongoing trend as the video for their new single ‘Stronger’, according to Heidi, is very revealing.

She told the Mirror “We all have different roles. I’m a stripper, Mutya is a gangster and Keisha is a heartbroken woman.”

She afterward added “But it wasn’t exactly enchanting filming the scenes. Being part-naked in front of the camera was weird, and very invasive.”

The Guru And The Sugababes, Heather Graham, Samantha Mumba And More

Not only have the Sugababes wowed fans with second No. 1 ‘Round Round’, the girls have had their song immortalised in the hilarious and raucous new comedy, The Guru, produced by the people that gave us Notting Hill, Four Weddings And A Funeral and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

According to the Sun, ‘Round Round’ is a strong contender for the most writing credits on one song, boasting a total of 12 credited writers, including band members Heidi Range, Keisha Buchanen and Mutya Buena.

The ‘Babes are joined on the soundtrack by sterling popsters such as Sophie Ellis Bextor and Samantha Mumba who both provide exclusively new tracks, S Club’s Jo O’Meara, Ms Dynamite and Paulina Rubio.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy and do catch the entertaining flick as it stars Heather Graham, Jimi Mistri and Marisa Tomei.

Originally titled, The Guru Of Sex, Heather returns to the world of pornography in this extremely funny comedy. Ramu, played by Jimi, a dance teacher who emigrates from India to New York with dreams of being the next John Travolta. Unfortunately, his big screen debut ends up taking place in an adult film. Soon, however, he meets the adult film industry’s Meryl Streep played by the lovely Heather, who imparts her sexual wisdom to him, wisdom that he then, through a series of misadventures, uses to transform himself into the Deepak Chopra of sex therapy and tour the talk-show circuit. That is, until Heather’s character finds out.

Talk About Kylie’s Bum Makes Sugababes Fed-Up

One of Sugababes vocalistress, Keisha Buchanan has said that she’s fed-up with people fussing over Kylie Minogue’s backside, claiming it’s “no big deal.”

Now, Kylie got people talking practically non-stop about her derriere when she made her comeback in ‘Spinning Around’ in which she prances around in a pair of tiny gold hot pants. However, Keisha reckons that, although the Aussie superstar has a great figure, her booty isn’t that all that special.

“Now, I’m not trying to be funny” she told the press recently “but being a black girl, I find it’s not a big deal that she has a big butt, because most black girls and Latinas have big butts, so to us, Kylie’s bum is no big deal.”

She also added “I think she has a really good bum. She has a really nice figure, especially for her age. I mean she’s like 34 and she looks amazing.”

“The thing about Kylie’s backside is that I don’t think she thinks ‘Oh yeah, what can I do to show off my bum'” argued Heidi, another third of Sugababes. “It’s the press that pick up on it. She’s obviously not obsessed with it.”

“She’s become a princess of pop. Everything she does, there’s always gonna be eyes are her. I think she’s a very beautiful and talented woman.”

Sugababes’ next single, ‘Round Round’, will be released on the 12th of August.

Sugababes With Dirty Faces

Sugababes have announced the details of their next single, ‘Round Round’, and eagerly-anticipated second album, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’.

‘Round Round’, which has been described as sounding like a melancholy Bananarama track, has been produced by remixers Xenomania and will hit the racks on the 12th of August. The single is set to be followed by the trio’s second album, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’, out in record stores on the 26th of August that will also feature their No. 1 single, ‘Freak Like Me’.

Megaman Taught The Sugababes A Thing Or Two About The Music Industry

So Solid Crew’s Megaman taught the girls from Sugababes a lot about the music industry and gave them the confidence to stand-up for themselves. This was what Keisha Buchanan has revealed recently.

Sugababes were beginning to find themselves feeling dreadfully separated from their fans and the media alike because during their final couple of months with London Records, the record label was certain that the girls were a “cool” band and would only do certain magazines and television shows.

Speaking to a leading magazine, Keisha said “Meeting people now I realise they took it personally. All in the media were like ‘The Sugababes are too cool for our magazine’ or whatever and definitely it wasn’t that in any way.”

“It was poor really. We said to our record company, ‘That’s not the single to put out’ and they were like, ‘don’t listen to them kids….'” explained Keisha in regard to some of the choices the label made regarding single releases, in particular the girls final single with London Records, ‘Soul Sound’, which eventually drooped.Luckily for the girls, they soon bumped into So Solid Crew’s Megaman who soon started offering them some solid advice.

“He asked us about how things were with our label” Keisha recalled. “When we told him what I just told you earlier, he said it sounded wrong, but we were like, ‘No, it’s supposed to be like that,’ because we didn’t know any better. So he sat us down and talked us through things. In an instant, we went back to our lawyers, checked it out and he was right all along”.

Now with their new music directions, new label, Universal and a new member, Heidi Range, who’s filling in the shoes left by Siobhan Dohaghy who mysteriously quit the pop band somewhere last year, the Sugababes are back with their brand-new offering, ‘Freak Like Me’, that is to be released on 22nd of April.