Ex-Another Level Member Wants Javine Hilton And Duets With Keisha of Sugababes

Wayne Williams, formerly of Another Level, is looking to sign Javine Hilton, who came close to being in the final line-up of Girls Aloud, the girl group spawned by ITV’s Popstars The Rivals TV series to his new London record label.

He is eager to hook up the 20 year old starlet with Daydream Records, the label that was recently launched with his brother Jason Williams, and he agreed with the ITV viewer’s decision to vote Javine off the girl group Girls Aloud.Wayne said “I agreed entirely with the audience’s decision for Javine NOT to be part of the Girls Aloud. She exudes the kind of urban appeal that Ms Dynamite has captured brilliantly. She is just simply far too good to be in a manufactured pop band, plus she has an amazing talent and I want to work with her. I really think possibly she could be even bigger than Ms Dynamite!”

Wayne also added “We are now in the process of making the formal offer of a recording contract to Javine through her management. We are aware that a number of major record labels have expressed an interest in signing Javine, but we are confident that our offer is the most attractive and appealing to her, allowing Javine to develop her own identity and music style on an urban music level, rather than going to a major record label and being another manufactured artist.”

Wayne also previewed his new single at the label launch, and has collaborated with Keisha from the Sugababes on the club mix of the new single ‘Anything Is Possible’ which is tentatively scheduled for release early next year.

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