Talk About Kylie’s Bum Makes Sugababes Fed-Up

One of Sugababes vocalistress, Keisha Buchanan has said that she’s fed-up with people fussing over Kylie Minogue’s backside, claiming it’s “no big deal.”

Now, Kylie got people talking practically non-stop about her derriere when she made her comeback in ‘Spinning Around’ in which she prances around in a pair of tiny gold hot pants. However, Keisha reckons that, although the Aussie superstar has a great figure, her booty isn’t that all that special.

“Now, I’m not trying to be funny” she told the press recently “but being a black girl, I find it’s not a big deal that she has a big butt, because most black girls and Latinas have big butts, so to us, Kylie’s bum is no big deal.”

She also added “I think she has a really good bum. She has a really nice figure, especially for her age. I mean she’s like 34 and she looks amazing.”

“The thing about Kylie’s backside is that I don’t think she thinks ‘Oh yeah, what can I do to show off my bum'” argued Heidi, another third of Sugababes. “It’s the press that pick up on it. She’s obviously not obsessed with it.”

“She’s become a princess of pop. Everything she does, there’s always gonna be eyes are her. I think she’s a very beautiful and talented woman.”

Sugababes’ next single, ‘Round Round’, will be released on the 12th of August.

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