Rayvon Had To Overcome Shyness

Shaggy’s sidekick Rayvon has admitted that becoming an international reggae star hasn’t been an easy ride, as he first had to overcome his shyness.

The ‘Two Way’ crooner, who’s just released his ‘My Bad’ album in the UK, says that he spent much of his school days trying to find the confidence to get up on stage.

He admitted “I was shy at the beginning. When you change schools and you were a big fish in your last school, you want to be seen with the in-crowd. You definitely don’t want to be in the out-crowd. So I wasn’t very confident to start with.”

Luckily, once Rayvon started spinning discs at parties, it wasn’t long before he found a name for himself as a reggae DJ among his classmates, which gave him a much-needed confidence-boost. That, coupled with the desire to be as good as he could at what he did also encouraged Rayvon to overcome his shyness.

“When you step out and prove yourself in front of an audience, you better come with something good. You got to ask yourself, ‘can you deal with the embarrassment of not doing it right?’ That, I couldn’t deal with so that was the determining factor in my spark right there. Not flopping and looking like a fool. You can’t live it down. Now I just put my all into it, forget about the shyness and just make it happen” he explained.

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