Christina Milian Dating Nick Cannon

Sexy singer/actress Christina Milian has fallen for her Love Don’t Cost A Thing co-star Nick Cannon after he wooed her with jewellery and cards.

The Dip It Low singer, who admitted last year she has a penchant for bad boys, has revealed all about her new man in US street magazine Complex.

The former TV presenter, 24, says, “We’re definitely dating.”

She reveals the best thing about having actor Nick Cannon as a boyfriend is he’s constantly buying her gifts.

She adds, “It’s more important that someone thought of me. Even if it’s just candy I’m like, `Yeah! Wooh!’ I’m not one of those girls who gets with somebody for the jewellery. He mixes it up. He’ll buy me, like, a dozen cards as a present.”Nick Cannon needs to keep spending to keep his girl happy because he’s got some impressive competition. Christina Milian explains, “Nelly hit on me. Actually, let’s just say, in essence, a lot of rappers have hit on me.”

And she’s very fond of Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler, her costar in new movie Be Cool. She adds, “When I was younger I never paid attention to him, but when we did the scene I was like, Ah, you are so sexy right now I could turn into a groupie.’ His lips were on the same microphone as mine, and I was ready to just kiss him.”

Christina Milian Comments On Britney’s Relationship

In Touch magazine spoke with Christina Milian who commented on Britney Spears’ engagement to Kevin Federline. “I think it’s funny,” the Dip It Low beauty said.

“They’re young. I hope she’s happy. I know Kevin personally as he used to be my dancer. He’s a really nice guy who loves his baby.”

“A lot of people don’t know him. They just know him from pictures and stuff about Britney. I hope the best for them.”

Lil Jon’s Into Christina Milian

Apparently, word on the street is Mya’s romance with Lil Jon has ended. She hasn’t started dating yet. But guess who the crunk rapper has his eyes on now?

Lil Jon has begun dating another hot singer, the lovely and petite Ms Dip It Low, Christina Milian.

Just like he and Mya hooked up while producing tracks for her, Lil Jon also won Christina Milian’s heart in the studio. They’re said to be so into each other.

Christina Milian Dumped By Record Label

The Sun reports label, Mercury has dropped Christina Milian from their work schedules, after the apparently having chalked up disappointing results from her 2002 top three hits ‘AM To PM’ and ‘When You Look At Me’.

“She failed to fulfil her potential,” a Mercury source said.

“But I’m sure she will be back, either as a singer or a songwriter.”

No official word on the star’s camp however at the time this was written.

Christina Milian To Go Urban With Next Offerings

Christina Milian chatted with about her new yet to be titled album due out sometime next year, which she says will be more R&B than her pop and R&B inspired self-titled debut.

“It was a bit diverse, my first album. I think with this next album, it is a bit more urban, and I want it to pretty much flow a little bit more” she said.

“So, instead of having a whole bunch of great songs, but not really being able to like know who I am. I really want to put it together, and people to get to know me, and go through a journey with me through my music. And also, I think music has changed in a way, too. So, I’m kinda into more urban feel.”

“Anyway, subsequently, I’ve lined up Ja Rule, Charli Baltimore, Irv Gotti. I’m working with a lot of different people. It’s great.”

Christina Milian Likes Britney And Her Link With The Shy Craig David

In an recent online chat, Christina Milian was asked about her association with UK’s prince of garage, Craig David.

Christina said “I’ve never had a date with him. I met him about a year ago at an awards show and he was kind of shy. Somehow he got in contact with me and got my email address. After that, we wrote back to each other once or twice. Since then I’ve seen him a few times and he’s complimented me but even now, he is still shy.”

She was also asked how she felt being compared to Britney Spears and she had the following to say.

“I think it’s a compliment because she is a superstar and I think everybody, especially if you are a young female, likes being compared to Britney. It’s like even if you’re Alicia Keys, it’s still ‘Ooohhh! Britney Spears, better watch out’, even though it’s two completely different types of music.”

“I think it’s because of the age that I’m compared to her. I think I’m a little bit more urban. As far as entertaining, singing and dancing are concerned, I like to sing live more. It’s a compliment and hopefully I can have the same success as she has. I like her.”

Christina Milian Gives Fashion Advice To Christina Aguilera

It doesn’t look like Christina Aguilera’s got much friends, huh. Not only have Westlife, H & Claire, and even her granny dissed the minx, so too has the squeaky-clean Christina Milian.

Speaking to a popular teenage magazine, the petite vocalistress took a swipe at her make-up-addicted pop rival, suggesting that the ‘Genie In A Bottle’ crooner must tone down her style and look.

“I’ve seen a few outfits where she’s gone too far. It’s just drama,” she said. “That’s the word, drama! The make-up, the clothing – I’m like, ‘What is she wearing?'”

Of course, as Ms Milian is possibly the nicest girl in pop, she does admit that Christina Aguilera has recently improved her look. “Lately, she’s looked better. I’d dress the girl in no-make-up, jeans and a regular top. She’d look so much better. Like she did when she first came out onto the scenes. You know, she likes to have her stuff custom-made and whoever does it, simply overdoes it. She’s got a beautiful face so she can just keep it simple if she wants.”

Christina Milian is enjoying a Top 5 hit with ‘When You Look At Me’.