Christina Milian To Go Urban With Next Offerings

Christina Milian chatted with about her new yet to be titled album due out sometime next year, which she says will be more R&B than her pop and R&B inspired self-titled debut.

“It was a bit diverse, my first album. I think with this next album, it is a bit more urban, and I want it to pretty much flow a little bit more” she said.

“So, instead of having a whole bunch of great songs, but not really being able to like know who I am. I really want to put it together, and people to get to know me, and go through a journey with me through my music. And also, I think music has changed in a way, too. So, I’m kinda into more urban feel.”

“Anyway, subsequently, I’ve lined up Ja Rule, Charli Baltimore, Irv Gotti. I’m working with a lot of different people. It’s great.”

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