Robbie Williams Curses Geri Halliwell

If you’ve got the chance to hear all the cuts on Robbie Williams’ new album, ‘Escapology’, chances are you’ll find yourself tuning in to a track called ‘Cursed’, which takes a shot at former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

On the track ‘Cursed’, Robbie sings,

The lyrics go

Cursed, since your birth dear/ And your worst fears have all come true/ I was naked when it penetrated/ Told everyone I’d slept with you/ Thought you’d like it/ knew you wouldn’t deny it/

People close to the singer believe his song reveals what happened between the pair, who have gone back and forth on whether their relationship was sexual or not.

A source said “No one really knows whether Robbie and Geri actually slept together. It’s been admitted, it’s been denied but ‘Cursed’ tells the real story.”

“Everyone knows that there’s no love lost now between them. They were once the best of friends. Now they are the bitterest of enemies. Robbie reckons Geri’s solo success turned her into someone who scared him. He wants to tell his side.”

Meanwhile, critics have praised Robbie’s single ‘Feel’ and are claiming that it might just be Robbie’s ticket into making it huge in the US of A.

Robbie’s new LP is scheduled to be released into shops come the 18th of November.

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