Christina Milian Gives Fashion Advice To Christina Aguilera

It doesn’t look like Christina Aguilera’s got much friends, huh. Not only have Westlife, H & Claire, and even her granny dissed the minx, so too has the squeaky-clean Christina Milian.

Speaking to a popular teenage magazine, the petite vocalistress took a swipe at her make-up-addicted pop rival, suggesting that the ‘Genie In A Bottle’ crooner must tone down her style and look.

“I’ve seen a few outfits where she’s gone too far. It’s just drama,” she said. “That’s the word, drama! The make-up, the clothing – I’m like, ‘What is she wearing?'”

Of course, as Ms Milian is possibly the nicest girl in pop, she does admit that Christina Aguilera has recently improved her look. “Lately, she’s looked better. I’d dress the girl in no-make-up, jeans and a regular top. She’d look so much better. Like she did when she first came out onto the scenes. You know, she likes to have her stuff custom-made and whoever does it, simply overdoes it. She’s got a beautiful face so she can just keep it simple if she wants.”

Christina Milian is enjoying a Top 5 hit with ‘When You Look At Me’.

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