Mis-Teeq Slam UK Music Bigwigs

Mis-Teeq have lashed out at music industry bigwigs who they claim are standing in the way of developing an urban scene in the UK because they are ignorant of what’s going on out on the street.

“I think Britain is way back in time compared to all the other countries whether it’s Europe, South East Asia or Japan,” Sabrina told a webpage. “They’re so much more advanced because over here we’re great for what we do and we do pop. But in other countries they’re versatile and they do everything. They do hip hop and rap and reggae. People are ignorant and they don’t realise that there’s a bigger world out there besides their office. Because half of those people sitting in their office aren’t listening to the radio and picking up on what people are listening to.”

Despite the likes of Glamma Kid, Shola Ama, Honeyz, Damage and MOBO Unsigned winner, Cherise, having been dumped by their record labels after poor sales, Sabrina added that Mis-Teeq proves that UK R&B is worth taking a risk on.

“Over here people don’t have faith in UK urban music,” she observed. “But now that the likes of us and other groups have shown that we can sell platinum and are going on to sell double platinum. So hopefully the British will pick up on it. We’re playing on big shows like the Brits.”

Well said. Mis-Teeq are brilliant, aren’t they?

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