Paul is back- and as you’ve never heard him before…

So, after three years away, ex-S Clubber Paul Cattermole is coming back. With four other guys. Yes, Paul’s band, Charlie Bullitt, who played their first live gig in November last year in London have been fought for by many record labels, EMI mainly being the most interested, and if they get a deal, it’ll mean Paul will be the second of the S Clubbers to go solo following Rachel Stevens. Charlie Bullitt are nothing like S Club though, as you can expect- more a sophisticated blend of funk, rock and acid jazz. The results are surprisingly good!For more info on Charlie Bullitt, and to listen to potential first single “You’re A Good Girl”, check out:

Jo O’Meara: Ex-S Clubber’s come back assault for 2005

Jo O’Meara, she of former S Club 7 fame, will hopefully be releasing her debut solo material in 2005. However, don’t expect anything in the veins of Bring It All Back or Reach, S Club fans. Jo has insisted she’s gone down a rockier, more guitar based route and has been working with the team who produced stuff for Melanie C, Holly Valance, Speedway and Appleton to name but a few. Whether or not her stuff will be released on the same day as that of Rachel Stevens is yet to be seen, so watch this space until then…

S Club’s Jo The Gambler

S Club’s Jo O’Meara has got a bit of a gambling habit. Reports claim that the pop siren has spent about GBP4,500 on the slot machines at her local bingo hall. She has insisted, however, that she’s not an addict. It’s just for fun.

Jo suffers from a back condition which means she requires physiotherapy three times a week, and this is her reason for choosing a sit-down pastime “My back’s not too good so gambling is all I can do. I come as much as I can, a few times a week. It’s my only release and it’s an outlet for me.”

But even though she’s worth an estimated GBP500,000, she’s not just throwing her dosh away.

“I play on the fruit machine that pays out a GBP500 jackpot. I have already won the GBP500 prize nine times. I think I’ve just about broken even.”

S Club, Sugababes Attend The Guru Premiere With Heather Graham And Gang

The premiere of The Guru, a hilarious Hollywood/Bollywood fusion film, was held the other evening in London.

Ex-EastEnder and The Guru himself, Jimi Mistry, turned up in a car covered in garlands. His co-stars, Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei, were also there obviously.

Together with S Club and Rachel’s finace Jeremy Edwards, the exquisite Sugababes showed up and they all loved the movie massively.

Heather Graham also found the time to spill the beans on her leading man saying that the film star lifestyle has changed him, saying “He always used to say I’m a street guy, I’m not going to go to Hollywood, I’m real, I’m so real and now he’s staying at the Dorchester, so I’m like hi Mr. I’m So Real!”Be sure to check out The Guru’s official website below at

The Sugababes also took the opportunity at the premiere to celebrate their new number one, ‘Round Round’.

Heidi’s recently been quoted as saying that she only rates bands that write their own songs. But she and Keisha were quick to deny the story, saying “We don’t think it’s the be all and end all. We just enjoy writing our own songs and I know I’ve been misquoted in certain things but I did not say that.”

“I said we don’t look down on manufactured bands. Destiny’s Child are manufactured and they’re one of the best bands in the world.”

“If we found out that Alicia Keys didn’t write her own songs would we think anything less of her? No because she’s very talented so that’s what it’s about.”

What did the Sugababes think of The Guru? Keisha said “Gosh! What can I say but it’s extremely funny and original. A definite must-watch.”

S Club Rachel spoke for a few minutes to the press and she revealed that she absolutely loved the movie and she would want just about all to watch it.

Drug Scandal Will Not Be Mentioned In S Club Biography

S Club manager Simon Fuller has ordered that S Club’s forthcoming biography will make no mention of the drugs scandal that hit band members Jon, Paul and Bradley.

In March of last year, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh and former S Club-ber Paul Cattermole were arrested in London’s West End for carrying a small amount of cannabis. In an apology to fans, the three members jointly stated “We have been very stupid, we know we’ve made a mistake and we’re very sorry.”

The band’s new biography, believed to be funded with GBP100,000 of Simon Fuller’s own money, will chart their rise to stardom, but will omit details of the drugs arrest.

A source told the newspapers “It’s strange for Simon to use his own money but he’s a canny businessman. He more than knows what he’s doing.”

Simon is expected to pitch the book to a major publisher, but only he has given the final draft the all clear.

S Club 7 have been renamed S Club in the wake of Paul Cattermole leaving the group to rejoin his former nu-metal outfit, Skua.

S Club’s official biography is expected later this year.

Paul quits S Club 7

Paul Cattermole from UK pop group and TV show S Club 7 has announced that he is to leave the band to pursue a solo career.

The remaining 6 members of the group, managed by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, have vowed to carry on. They will rename themselves “S Club” – reports suggest that the split was amicable and that Paul will continue to work on the 4th television series.

Many fans will be very upset by the news, but it is expected that Paul will persue a solo career. Paul’s currently going out with fellow S Clubber Hannah Spearitt.

More updates will appear here later at – let us know your thoughts – does this spell the beginning of the end for S Club?