S Club’s Jo The Gambler

S Club’s Jo O’Meara has got a bit of a gambling habit. Reports claim that the pop siren has spent about GBP4,500 on the slot machines at her local bingo hall. She has insisted, however, that she’s not an addict. It’s just for fun.

Jo suffers from a back condition which means she requires physiotherapy three times a week, and this is her reason for choosing a sit-down pastime “My back’s not too good so gambling is all I can do. I come as much as I can, a few times a week. It’s my only release and it’s an outlet for me.”

But even though she’s worth an estimated GBP500,000, she’s not just throwing her dosh away.

“I play on the fruit machine that pays out a GBP500 jackpot. I have already won the GBP500 prize nine times. I think I’ve just about broken even.”

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