Drug Scandal Will Not Be Mentioned In S Club Biography

S Club manager Simon Fuller has ordered that S Club’s forthcoming biography will make no mention of the drugs scandal that hit band members Jon, Paul and Bradley.

In March of last year, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh and former S Club-ber Paul Cattermole were arrested in London’s West End for carrying a small amount of cannabis. In an apology to fans, the three members jointly stated “We have been very stupid, we know we’ve made a mistake and we’re very sorry.”

The band’s new biography, believed to be funded with GBP100,000 of Simon Fuller’s own money, will chart their rise to stardom, but will omit details of the drugs arrest.

A source told the newspapers “It’s strange for Simon to use his own money but he’s a canny businessman. He more than knows what he’s doing.”

Simon is expected to pitch the book to a major publisher, but only he has given the final draft the all clear.

S Club 7 have been renamed S Club in the wake of Paul Cattermole leaving the group to rejoin his former nu-metal outfit, Skua.

S Club’s official biography is expected later this year.

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