S Club, Sugababes Attend The Guru Premiere With Heather Graham And Gang

The premiere of The Guru, a hilarious Hollywood/Bollywood fusion film, was held the other evening in London.

Ex-EastEnder and The Guru himself, Jimi Mistry, turned up in a car covered in garlands. His co-stars, Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei, were also there obviously.

Together with S Club and Rachel’s finace Jeremy Edwards, the exquisite Sugababes showed up and they all loved the movie massively.

Heather Graham also found the time to spill the beans on her leading man saying that the film star lifestyle has changed him, saying “He always used to say I’m a street guy, I’m not going to go to Hollywood, I’m real, I’m so real and now he’s staying at the Dorchester, so I’m like hi Mr. I’m So Real!”Be sure to check out The Guru’s official website below at http://www.theguru-movie.com.

The Sugababes also took the opportunity at the premiere to celebrate their new number one, ‘Round Round’.

Heidi’s recently been quoted as saying that she only rates bands that write their own songs. But she and Keisha were quick to deny the story, saying “We don’t think it’s the be all and end all. We just enjoy writing our own songs and I know I’ve been misquoted in certain things but I did not say that.”

“I said we don’t look down on manufactured bands. Destiny’s Child are manufactured and they’re one of the best bands in the world.”

“If we found out that Alicia Keys didn’t write her own songs would we think anything less of her? No because she’s very talented so that’s what it’s about.”

What did the Sugababes think of The Guru? Keisha said “Gosh! What can I say but it’s extremely funny and original. A definite must-watch.”

S Club Rachel spoke for a few minutes to the press and she revealed that she absolutely loved the movie and she would want just about all to watch it.

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