Emma Bunton, Madonna Eyeing New Underwater Album

Underwater Music is gearing up for the release of its second compilation, ‘Underwater Episode Two’, mixed by label boss, Darren Emerson and Brixton-based dirty funkers, Mutiny. It will hit the shops come 16th of June.

The new mix will feature tracks from the likes of Paul Jackson, Gus Gus and Mutiny as well as Tim Deluxe with ‘Less Talk More Action’, his highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s huge summer anthem ‘It Just Won’t Do’.

There will be 3000 limited edition copies of the compilation in a colour gel pack filled with blue water-like oil. Darren commented ‘It’s an Underwater album so we thought we’d package it giving the impression of underwater style or something!

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the album is such hot material so much so that Madonna, Craig David, Emma Bunton and more would like to get their hands on their copy of the LP.

Emma was reportedly quoted saying “I love the previous Underwater album and this one is going to be real super.”

Prince William Wants Pink, Emma, Mis-Teeq, Shania And More

Prince William has put together a wish list of artists he wants to appear at his party in June, which includes Shania Twain, Coldplay, Pink, Ozzy Osbourne, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Britney Spears, Atomic Kitten, Mis-Teeq, and Will Young.

According to his people, ‘Prince William is very happy with the list he’s come up with and he just knows it’s going to be simply spectacular having it at the Windsor Castle. He also wants a party that won’t be as formal where he can let his hair down with his friends’.

‘He feels that a party with pop names performing will be much more enjoyable for his group of friends.’

Craig David Thinks Eminem And Mandy Moore Can Act

Craig David refuted reports that he was planning to launch a film career. He told the press recently, “Making three-minute promo videos lets me act and it’s great fun, but that will do me for now. I’ve seen those stars assume they can go straight into acting and I can’t help thinking they would have been better sticking to the day job.

“The only recent exception I can think of is Eminem, who was brilliant in ‘Eight Mile’ and of course, the wonderful Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk To Remember’.”

Triple Eight Diss David Sneddon, Gareth Gates

New boyband Triple Eight haven’t even released a record yet and already they’re taking a pop at their rivals.

Of course, it’s not surprising, because Justin, Jamie, David, Josh and Sparx are fussy fellas. These are, after all, the guys who’ve promised to turn pop as we know it on its head with their single, ‘Knockout’.

Sparx recently said that “The country’s gone to s**t as far as pop is concerned and we intend to throw out the rule book and write a new one.”

And when we spoke to them recently, the lovely lads were still adamant that planet pop needed a spring clean and were only too keen to tell us who they thought shouldn’t be allowed to make music anymore.

“I just don’t understand David Sneddon,” David told the press. “I estimate it’s because he’s Gareth Gates on a piano, isn’t he? And we already have a Gareth Gates and kids love him, even though I don’t see anything special about him. I don’t know who David Sneddon appeals to. I just don’t.”Meanwhile, Josh admitted he can’t understand the phenomenal popularity of pop twins, The Cheeky Girls.

“It’s meant to be a music chart, but songs like theirs just don’t make sense. Having said that, Sparx bought their last single!”

Triple Eight release ‘Knockout’ on Monday.

Ashanti’s New Album Out In July

Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti explained in a statement that he feels Ashanti’s new album is better than her critically acclaimed self-titled debut.

“I feel we surpassed the groundbreaking first album,” Irv Gotti said. “We learned so much during the first one that I believe this new upcoming one is better, in every capacity.”

“But we kept our same winning formula. Just took it a step further.”

Ashanti’s ‘Chapter II’ is set for a a 1st of July release.

Jennifer Lopez To Act In Austin Powers 4?

Apparently, it’s been reported that the ‘I’m Glad’ vocalistress Jennifer Lopez has signed up for a $9.4 million part in the next Austin Powers flick, playing the spoof spy’s love interest.

A source at New Line commented, “It’s in essence, a brilliant signing. She loved the previous films and can’t wait to do the comedy with Mike Myers.”

The movie is provisionally titled ‘For Your Thighs Only’.

Christina Milian Dumped By Record Label

The Sun reports label, Mercury has dropped Christina Milian from their work schedules, after the apparently having chalked up disappointing results from her 2002 top three hits ‘AM To PM’ and ‘When You Look At Me’.

“She failed to fulfil her potential,” a Mercury source said.

“But I’m sure she will be back, either as a singer or a songwriter.”

No official word on the star’s camp however at the time this was written.

Robbie Williams Loves The Bhangra Knights

The bhangra-flavoured soundtrack to the latest Peugot 206 TV ad gets a full release either on the 28th of April or the week after that on Positiva. The release date was not confirmed at press time.

The track, called, ‘Husan’ was originally the work of Dutch producers, Husan, also known as Niels Zuiderhoek and Jeroen den Hengst, who were approached by Peugeot to create a tune blending an exotic bhangra style with a western funk-sound for their TV advertising campaign, subsequently voted the ‘best advert ever’ by Radio Four listeners.

UK duo Jules Spinner and Jack Berry took the original version, remixed it under the name Bhangra Knights, which has got many people sitting up and paying attention and enlisted a rapper named Raul to add verses to the instrumental.

Also, previously, a handful of test pressings were sent out which found favour with the likes of Bobby Friction and Radio One’s Nihal with Pete Tong, Graeme Park and Judge Jules following suit and the rest as they say is about to become history –

What’s interesting is that Robbie Williams is such a huge fan of Bhangra Knights and has gone on to say two days back “I heard on Radio One last night this awesome number by Bhangra Knights and I have to say it’s real funky and excellent! I love it! Hmm… maybe I should go all bhangra as well… just kidding of course! I’ll leave it all to the experts.”

Atomic Kitten’s Album Get Good Review In US

Atomic Kitten’s US self-titled debut, which was released there a couple of days back, has been treated to good reviews of late.

For instance, a critic who gave his two cents worth of the ladies’ album writes, “There’s no such beast as a sure thing, especially in pop music, but if you were to make a wager on this summer’s sweetheart act, Atomic Kitten would be a beauty of a bet.’

‘Irresistible not only describes the good looks of this vocal trio, it fits its radio-ready snap that’s been a staple on the English music scene for more than two years.”

Ms Dynamite And Her Boy

Ms Dynamite has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy.

The award winning urban star revealed the news after nabbing yet another gong at the Capital FM charity awards ceremony in London a few nights back.

“There’s an old wives tale that you don’t put on weight when you are expecting a boy,” she said, “and that’s certainly true with me.”

Meanwhile, Ms Dynamite plays her very own headline show at London Brixton Academy on the 26th of April.

Tickets for the show are available from her website http://www.msdynamite.co.uk