Ashanti Films New Video For Second Single

Recording artist of hits like Rain On Me and Foolish, Ashanti shoots her new video for Don’t Let Them on Thursday March 3 in Los Angeles, California.

Look out for director and The Inc Records CEO Irv Gotti, and record producer Chink Santana in a cameo appearance when the video drops.

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Ashanti, Lindsay Lohan And More At MTV’s Iced Out New Year’s Eve 2005

Ashanti, Christina Milian, Fat Joe, Green Day, Ja Rule, Jimmy Eat World, Lindsay Lohan, and Snoop Dogg took part in MTV’s Iced Out New Year’s Eve 2005 event at MTV Studios, Times Square in New York City. Check out pictures 1″>0″>30″>0″>0″>1″>0″>0″>0″>51867643″>0″>0″>0″>0″>0″>”>0″>0″>0″>0&p=3″ target=”_new”>HERE.

Ashanti’s Looking For Dancers In London

Ashanti’s in London to check out potential dancers for the video for her new single Only You.

She’ll be judging the final of MTV’s Shakedown. The winner gets the chance to star with her in the video. The singer promises it’ll be a very different concept but the final video plan is under wraps.

She’s also been working on several feature films one with Denzel Washington; as previously reported she’s also starring alongside Aishwariya Rai in a Bollywood style movie, Bride And Prejudice and she’s also been filming the new Muppets movie in Vancouver.

Ashanti says her new album, which is due out in November, is treading new ground:

“Definitely with the album, it’s a new direction but it’s still your signature Ashanti.”

“You know, lyrically and the feeling of the beat, it’s kinda like more in a club. So I’m happy.”

Ashanti And Aishwariya Rai In A Highly Anticipated Bollywood/Hollywood Flick

Ashanti has said that she will be part of this year’s highly antipated Gurinder Chadha’s movie, Bride & Prejudice, which stars Bollywood’s premier actress/diva/beauty queen Aishwariya Rai.

Ashanti was speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his talkshow when she let him in on what she’s been up to, besides working hard on her upcoming third album.

“I’m acting in a Bollywood/Hollywood movie called Bride & Prejudice and it’s scheduled to be out later in the year” said the R&B princess.

“I’m very excited about it. It’s rich. It’s grand. I had to fly to India to do my scenes and I had to talk, sing and dance in Hindi too. It’s wonderful learning Hindi. I loved every moment of the movie. The cast were wonderful. It’s a very funny movie. Test audiences have loved every bit of the film so do look out for it y’all.”

The hilarious musical, Bride & Prejudice is directed by Bend It Like Beckham’s Gurinder Chandha and it stars Aishwariya Rai, Martin Henderson whose work credits include Torque, The Ring and kissing Britney Spears in her Toxic video, Ashanti, Namrata Shirodkar, Naveen Andrews, Alexis Bledel and way more.

It’s scheduled to open in the UK come October 8. No word when it’s out in US and Asia yet.

Ashanti’s New Album Out In July

Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti explained in a statement that he feels Ashanti’s new album is better than her critically acclaimed self-titled debut.

“I feel we surpassed the groundbreaking first album,” Irv Gotti said. “We learned so much during the first one that I believe this new upcoming one is better, in every capacity.”

“But we kept our same winning formula. Just took it a step further.”

Ashanti’s ‘Chapter II’ is set for a a 1st of July release.

Unknown Eartha Moore Competes For Best R&B Vocals With Ashanti, Aaliyah

Now here’s a puzzler. The nominees for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for the upcoming Grammys includes a singer that hardly anybody has heard of. Her name’s Eartha and her song ‘I’m Still Standing’ will be competing with those released by Ashanti, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott and Aaliyah.

You could try doing a search for Eartha Moore on popular search engine, Google and you only get 7 matches. No official site can even be found.

Billboard R&B editor Gail Mitchell says she finds the selections curious, considering Eartha’s low sales and airplay. “Eartha had an so-so record, but for something to get picked that people were so unaware of is mind-boggling” says Gail.

But apparently celebrities know who Eartha is and many of them have been heard gushing about how talented and gifted Eartha Moore is. One of them is fellow competitor Ashanti who said “She’s so cool and gifted. Her voice is so special. I’m really happy to be nominated alongside Eartha.”

Eartha’s album, ‘Sidebars’ is out in stores now.

Ashanti To Keep That Pen Going

Ashanti tells journalists that she’s headed back into the studio next month to work on her sophomore album. She said “I plan on keeping that pen going, boy, because that’s definitely where the money is, you know?”

“And I just find that, in my opinion for me, you know, you feel it more when it’s your own lyrics when you’re on stage, and you just have that passion because you know exactly what you were thinking about when you wrote that record and why, so it just brings everything together.”

How To Land A Date With Ashanti

According to reports that’ve emerged in recent times, Ashanti has disclosed how a guy can land a date with her.

“A guy has to make me laugh and be romantic” she explained in order for a guy to go beyond the first date itself.

“I like skinny men. I also like men who are bubbly, have fun, and make thoughtful gestures, such as sending roses.”

And when the princess of R&B does land a man, she says “I like to bite them. I also love the chest area.”

Ashanti And That Happy Song

Yet another soulful gem from the lady with the finest skin in R&B, the Miss India-pretty Ashanti.

She is the fastest-selling new artist of all-time in the US, thanks in no small part to the quality of her material. Her second single, released in the UK recently, ‘Happy’, with all its textured layers of vocals, toasty beat work and Gap Band sample, is certainly a more complicated tune than ‘Foolish’, but that syrupy blissed-out vibe, thankfully, remains gloriously intact.

The only slight problem Ashanti’s got here is that the song sounds remarkably like ‘Be Happy’, a tune which Mary J Blige wrote for her genre-defining ‘My Life’ album of 1996. Still, if musical plagiarism works for Alicia Keys, then it’ll definitely work for Ashanti.

Watch Ashanti’s Baby Video And What Loves Means To Her

Hand analyst Leslie Zemenek talked with Entertainment Weekly about Ashanti and what love means to the striking R&B vocalistress, based on looking at her fingerprints.

“Love is a big part of why she’s here. She’s kind of a spokesperson for the hearts of lots of people” Leslie said.

As for what Ashanti’s staying power is, the hand analyst said, “I’m getting two things. If she’s not held back by the people who manage her, she can continue to grow. But if she lets love sidetrack her from writing about love, it could prove to be a problem.”

Also, watch her brand new video ‘Baby’ below. It’s pretty infectious. Sticks to your head instantly. Ashanti – Baby (Real Video Format)