Unknown Eartha Moore Competes For Best R&B Vocals With Ashanti, Aaliyah

Now here’s a puzzler. The nominees for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for the upcoming Grammys includes a singer that hardly anybody has heard of. Her name’s Eartha and her song ‘I’m Still Standing’ will be competing with those released by Ashanti, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott and Aaliyah.

You could try doing a search for Eartha Moore on popular search engine, Google and you only get 7 matches. No official site can even be found.

Billboard R&B editor Gail Mitchell says she finds the selections curious, considering Eartha’s low sales and airplay. “Eartha had an so-so record, but for something to get picked that people were so unaware of is mind-boggling” says Gail.

But apparently celebrities know who Eartha is and many of them have been heard gushing about how talented and gifted Eartha Moore is. One of them is fellow competitor Ashanti who said “She’s so cool and gifted. Her voice is so special. I’m really happy to be nominated alongside Eartha.”

Eartha’s album, ‘Sidebars’ is out in stores now.

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