Ashanti And That Happy Song

Yet another soulful gem from the lady with the finest skin in R&B, the Miss India-pretty Ashanti.

She is the fastest-selling new artist of all-time in the US, thanks in no small part to the quality of her material. Her second single, released in the UK recently, ‘Happy’, with all its textured layers of vocals, toasty beat work and Gap Band sample, is certainly a more complicated tune than ‘Foolish’, but that syrupy blissed-out vibe, thankfully, remains gloriously intact.

The only slight problem Ashanti’s got here is that the song sounds remarkably like ‘Be Happy’, a tune which Mary J Blige wrote for her genre-defining ‘My Life’ album of 1996. Still, if musical plagiarism works for Alicia Keys, then it’ll definitely work for Ashanti.

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