Play With The Shakira Doll

The leather-and-wristband look Shakira sported in her ‘Objection (Tango)’ video sure excited many of her fans. It also thrilled the doll department at Mattel, which will immortalize the jalapeno-hot Latin performer with her own doll in March.

A spokesperson for her merchandising company said the nearly foot-tall Shakira doll will be cast in her “rock ‘n’ roll look” with curly, free-flowing hair, a black form-fitting top with straps, black leather pants embroidered with red roses, and boots. She will also be wearing rings, bracelets and studded leather armbands.

The toy giant chose the singer because of her multicultural appeal and will market the doll internationally, a spokesperson said. If the Shakira doll is a success, Mattel may launch another one in time for next Christmas.

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