Brandy on Exhaustion And Being Thin

Brandy Norwood seemed to have it all, but secretly she was struggling to live up to the perfect image she portrayed on ‘Moesha’.

Her TV dad William Allen Young, knew Brandy was dangerously close to the edge. “I would see that she was tired… I think she felt responsible for carrying the show ‘Moesha’. To the point that, if it wasn’t right, she would exhaust herself to make sure that it was” he tells a journalist.

Also, Brandy apparently got so close to making herself go crazy with the constant dieting just to be thin and be accepted.

“True, many people in the industry are thin and slim but if you are not, you shouldn’t try to make yourself be thin. Proper ways, yes but not going to the extent of vomiting your food out and all that.”

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