Britney Spears Hurts US Fans As Well

No stranger to hurting fans nowdays is Britney Spears who snubbed hundreds of fans, all of whom waited two hours in the rain just to see the singer, in New York the other day. Why no stranger, you ask? Earlier this year, Britney snubbed British fans at the UK premiere of her first film, ‘Crossroads’, that’s why.

Britney was at the launch of her NYLA restaurant in New York last Thursday, but chose not to greet any of the fans that came along to vouch their support.

The singer arrived at NYLA venue an hour late, and spent moments talking to waiting reporters before going inside, leaving fans feeling miffed.”I think it’s a little insulting that she didn’t come over and at least say ‘Hi'”said one fan.

“We’ve been waiting here for hours in this rain to see Britney, and she does this to us” said a fellow rain soaked fan. He then added “Looks like it’s time to move on to the upcoming ‘American Idol -‘ perhaps.’ He is of course, referring to the winner that’ll be celebrated in a couple of months time when the American equivalent of UK’s smash reality show ‘Pop Idol’ comes to a close.

Anyway, Britney has had a lot of input into the restaurant’s menu. This comes backed by the restaurant manager Bobby Ochs, saying “Britney came up with some of the southern flavoured dishes like southern fried chicken. We’ve tried to reflect her taste in food.”

Britney is rumoured to be comfort eating since her split from boyfriend Justin Timberlake and also at the news that her parents are divorcing. From the looks of things, she appears to have packed on the pounds quite a bit.

Keep this up, Britney and you’ll be losing your popularity faster than you can spell the title of your latest single.

Truth Hurts In UK

As earlier reported on, Truth Hurts appears to be riding high on the Billboard charts Stateside with the infectious number of a single ‘Addictive’ and now she unleashes that very same addictive material over here in the UK.

Truth Hurts’ single will be out in all good record stores come 19th of August so do grab yourself a copy. Her track’s just been picked up by BBC Radio 1 and over there, it’s been reported that everybody loves this number.

You’ll absolutely love it, that’s for sure. If you’ve got the RealPlayer plugin, do click on the link below and you’d be able to watch the Bollywood-inspired number right before your very eyes this instant. universal/truthhurts/truthhurts_addictive_nb.rm

Alternatively, you could just head on down to her official homepage:

You really don’t want to be the last to hear her now, do you? Trust me, it’s probably one of 2002’s catchiest songs.

Gareth Gates Says A Lot These Days

Gareth Gates seem to have been talking a lot lately, giving his opinions and setting right any gossips that link him up with anyone. Not that it’s a bad thing really but Gareth doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who talks a lot. Check out what he had to say below.

Gareth has denied that he is dating his former ‘Pop Idol’ co-contestant Hayley Evetts. A report in the News Of The World suggested that the pair were dating and that Gareth had bought Hayley a GBP1,000 bracelet as a show of his love.

“No way, me and Hayley are just good friends and that’s it” Gareth told reporters. “It’s a shame when you can’t have girls as friends without people thinking that you’re dating. Boys and girls can most definitely be friends and just keep it at that, giving and taking respect and all” said Gareth.

The singer, who celebrates his 18th birthday on the 12th of July, also denied he had romanced ‘Pop Idol’ chum Zoe Birkett. “I’m best friends with Zoe” said Gareth. “We all spent a long time together filming the show and just became close but there’s absolutely no romance” said Gareth.

What else did Gareth pour out in recent times? Well, he has denied that he and ‘Pop Idol’ winner Will Young will be releasing a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Long And Winding Road’ as a single. “Yes, there are plans for me and Will to work together but I don’t think we’ll be releasing that song” said Gareth.

Gareth said he had fulfilled a dream recently when he met up with his idol, George Michael. “He was recording his new album in the same studio as me recently and I said I’ve just got to meet him or die trying. I did meet my idol and George was really sweet and nice.” Gareth confirmed that George had sent him GBP300 worth of champagne when he pipped George to the No.1 spot with ‘Unchained Melody’ a few months back. “I haven’t seen the champagne though. It was sent to my management office” revealed Gareth.

Gareth’s new single, ‘Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)’ is released on the 8th of July.

Mel B To Sing Her Way Into The US Of A First

Her acting career is taking flight but Mel B desperately wants to revive her ailing singing career and she has turned to one of the biggest stars to help her. Who you ask? Well, it’s the artist formerly known as Prince.

What’s more, she has planned further collaborations with the likes of R&B star Ja Rule and rapper Jay-Z too.

According to The Sun, she wants to break into the US market first with her next solo project.

“My music aim is to go to America. I’m going to start it off in America because I’ve had lots of offers and proposals from people who want to work with me out there. One of the people I can confirm I will be working with, which I am really excited about, is Prince.”

Good luck Mel B. Hope you do swell.

Shania Twain To Have New Album Out This Fall

It sure has been quite awhile, hasn’t it, since we last heard from the lovely Miss India-pretty Shania Twain? She’s back in the news and looks like we’ll soon be hearing a whole load from her.

Three years on from her hugely successful ‘Come On Over’ album, Shania Twain has told the press that she has started doing studio time working on her next LP.

The country-pop songstress has joined her producer husband Mutt Lange in their Swiss studio. A spokesperson for the country star said “Shania’s album is currently in the works and is tentatively scheduled for release later this fall with a single released to radio prior to the album. No official release dates have been set at this time”.

Holly Valance Wants To Be Herself And Not Kylie

Don’t call Holly Valance the next Kylie Minogue. In an interview with Q magazine, Holly refuses to be called a pop star or manufactured.

“I don’t want to be the new anyone. I want to be me. And besides, I’m not so fussed about becoming a pop star. ‘Pop star’ doesn’t sound very credible, now does it? I want to be branded as a singer,” she stressed.

She went to say that there are many sensations who don’t write their own materials and there is honestly nothing wrong with that.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, really. It’s all about interpretation. Look at Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.’ She didn’t write that, and yet it’s her song completely. Can you imagine Alanis Morisette having the same success with it? I think not.”

Noel Disses Kylie and Other Pop Crooners

Depending on when you read this write-up, with ‘Heathen Chemistry’ soon to out in shops, Noel is up to his old tricks again and has this time set pop superstar Kylie Minogue firmly in his sights!

Speaking to OK! magazine, the ageing Beatles’ fanatic stormed “Kylie Minogue is just a demonic little idiot as far I’m concerned. She’s been looked after big time. She gets cool dance producers to work with her for some bizarre reason. I don’t know why. She doesn’t even have a good name. It’s a stupid name. Kylie, I just don’t get it.”

Noel has also saved some venom for fellow pop crooners such as Britney Spears, N’Sync, and of course Robbie as well.

“My daughter, Anais started tapping her foot along to Britney,” he says. “Okay, ‘Baby One More Time’ is a classic tune, but she didn’t write it, she just mimed it on telly a few times. I don’t get the full Britney thing. I certainly don’t get the N’Sync thing, the Robbie Williams or the Gorillaz thing. Looks like there’s a lot of things I don’t get.”

Mis-Teeq Slam UK Music Bigwigs

Mis-Teeq have lashed out at music industry bigwigs who they claim are standing in the way of developing an urban scene in the UK because they are ignorant of what’s going on out on the street.

“I think Britain is way back in time compared to all the other countries whether it’s Europe, South East Asia or Japan,” Sabrina told a webpage. “They’re so much more advanced because over here we’re great for what we do and we do pop. But in other countries they’re versatile and they do everything. They do hip hop and rap and reggae. People are ignorant and they don’t realise that there’s a bigger world out there besides their office. Because half of those people sitting in their office aren’t listening to the radio and picking up on what people are listening to.”

Despite the likes of Glamma Kid, Shola Ama, Honeyz, Damage and MOBO Unsigned winner, Cherise, having been dumped by their record labels after poor sales, Sabrina added that Mis-Teeq proves that UK R&B is worth taking a risk on.

“Over here people don’t have faith in UK urban music,” she observed. “But now that the likes of us and other groups have shown that we can sell platinum and are going on to sell double platinum. So hopefully the British will pick up on it. We’re playing on big shows like the Brits.”

Well said. Mis-Teeq are brilliant, aren’t they?

Christina Milian Gives Fashion Advice To Christina Aguilera

It doesn’t look like Christina Aguilera’s got much friends, huh. Not only have Westlife, H & Claire, and even her granny dissed the minx, so too has the squeaky-clean Christina Milian.

Speaking to a popular teenage magazine, the petite vocalistress took a swipe at her make-up-addicted pop rival, suggesting that the ‘Genie In A Bottle’ crooner must tone down her style and look.

“I’ve seen a few outfits where she’s gone too far. It’s just drama,” she said. “That’s the word, drama! The make-up, the clothing – I’m like, ‘What is she wearing?'”

Of course, as Ms Milian is possibly the nicest girl in pop, she does admit that Christina Aguilera has recently improved her look. “Lately, she’s looked better. I’d dress the girl in no-make-up, jeans and a regular top. She’d look so much better. Like she did when she first came out onto the scenes. You know, she likes to have her stuff custom-made and whoever does it, simply overdoes it. She’s got a beautiful face so she can just keep it simple if she wants.”

Christina Milian is enjoying a Top 5 hit with ‘When You Look At Me’.

Natalie Imbrulia Back With Lenny Kravitz Once More?

Are Natalie Imbruglia and Lenny Kravitz an item again?

According to The Daily Mirror, they are more than just good friends. The ex-couple could not hide their closeness of their previous relationship when they hugged in the foyer of the Metropolitan Hotel in London. Their spokespeople insist that there is nothing going on and both are faithful to their current loves.

But a source told the tabloids “Lenny and Natalie are very close. Although they split up some time ago there’s always been a spark between them. They’d love to get back together.”

A source close to Lenny added that the couple spent lots of time together since the rocker arrived in London for the European leg of his tour. And they’ve been going to great lengths to keep their relationship under wraps. This will come as a shock to Natalie’s musician boyfriend Daniel Johns and Kravitz’s 20 year old fiancee model Adriana Lima.