Jessica Simpson Heads Herself Towards A New Musical Direction

Pop hitmaker Jessica Simpson has revealed that she’s bored being a teen star and wants to head her music in a new direction.

Speaking to, the Britney look-a-like, who released her ‘Irresistible’ album in the UK last year, revealed that she was busy writing material herself “My new record that I’m working on right now, it’s going to be called ‘In This Skin’ and it’s just about my life. I get to write it, which is the first time I’ve been able to write my own music, and it’s going to be very inspirational.”

Jessica also explained that the sound of the material will be majorly way different to the pop tracks fans have been used to “My album’s going to be very musical, all live instruments, no programmed stuff. I want my voice to be able to shine for the first time.”

‘In This Skin’ will be freed and found in music shops later on in the year.

Rik Waller Going Garage

Pop Idol runner-up Rik Waller has revealed that he’s planning to record a garage track.

Speaking to a webzine on the 24th of June the day his Labi Siffre cover, ‘Something So Strong’, is released as a single, Rik revealed that he’s in talks with a couple of DJs about recording a song that would be released to the clubs later in the year “The song hasn’t been written yet, but I’ve been talking to a couple of DJs. We’re going to get together and do something.”

Rik also explained his desire to avoid being musically pigeonholed. “You can’t specialise too much otherwise people will start thinking of you as one particular sort of person,” he explained. “I’ve never been someone who’d go for just one kind of music and neglecting all the others. There’s so many wonderful types of music out there you can’t afford to stick to just one. That’s why my album, ‘From Now’, is a complete mixture of absolutely everything.”

Despite reports earlier this year, claiming he’d teamed-up with former Take That star Gary Barlow, Rik says his erstwhile pal’s contribution hasn’t been included this time round. “For this album, we couldn’t arrange for Gary Barlow to join in, but he’ll be on the second one,” he revealed. “That’s going to be pretty much something that we’re going to be working on for the next year. It’s all lined-up and ready to start.”

‘From Now’, which features ‘Something So Strong and Rik’s debut single, ‘I Will Always Love You’, is set to be released on the 8th of July.

Ginger Spice To Spy Spice

Geri Halliwell is scheduling to play a secret agent in a film about life in Britain’s secret service. The ex-Spice Girl will play the lead in ‘Semper Occultus’, named after MI6’s motto, “Always Secret”.

“There’s quite a buzz about this project and Geri is the person the producers want as the lead.” This, is in accordance to what Geri’s friend said to the press.

Ex-Bros singer-turned-actor Luke Goss and Nick Moran were cited as possible villains while ex-Bond men Sean Connery and Roger Moore have been approached to act as the head of MI6.

It’s said that Geri apparently lost out to Oscar-winner, Halle Berry, when she auditioned to play a Bond girl in ‘Die Another Day’.

Robbie’s Having A Wonderful Time In The States

Still having a ball in America with his foxy lady, Rachel Hunter, and pictured prancing away at clubs with Christina Aguilera is Robbie Williams who took part in a star-studded karaoke in an Los Angeles restaurant alongside Moby, Slash from Guns N’ Roses, The Cult’s Billy Duffy and dotty ’60s folkie Donovan Leitch!

According to sources, Britain’s favorite pop sugar stole the show from the Americans that eventually left Moby relatively impressed.

Moby wrote on his website “I did ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Gimme Shelter.’ But the highlight was Robbie Williams singing ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and Slash playing guitar.”

I’m thinking this is Robbie’s unique but positively fun way of making Americans stop and take some notice of him.

Boy George Feels That Eminem’s Gay

Eminem is just pretending to be homophobic, says ’80s British camp icon, Boy George.

Pretty much to the shock of everyone, former Culture Club singer turned up at London nightclub, Chinawhites, wearing a tee shirt that read ‘Eminem Screws Gays’.

Claiming to be a massive fan of the rapper is Boy George who said to the news “I think it’s time that pretty-boy Eminem stopped rattling on about gay issues because it’s a subject he has no experience of. Or is there something he’s not telling us? Looks like it is, if he keeps being homphobic, isn’t it.”

Suede To Play At London Mardi Gras

Suede have announced that they’re to play at this summer’s London Mardi Gras festival.

Brett Anderson and co., who played the capital’s Meltdown Festival on 23rd of June, will air some of the material from their forthcoming album, ‘A New Morning’, at the Mardi Gras shindig, which takes place London’s Hackney Marshes come 6th of July.

The ‘Head Music’ hitmakers will be joined on the Popstarz stage by Haven, The Cooper Temple Clause, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Alpinestars, The Candys and Siamese.

Meanwhile, pop fans will be able to shake their bootie to the likes of allSTARS, a1, Atomic Kitten, 3SL, H & Claire, Abs from Five, Alcazar and Belinda Carlisle on the G.A.Y. stage.

The Streets Post Online Mix LP

UK garage poet Mike Skinner, better known as The Streets, has uploaded a personal mix album onto his official cybersite, located at

To find a blend of songs which apparently inspired the young Mike, simply click your way into the ‘sneaky previews’ section of his cybersite.

The online album features the tracks:

Bilal – Fast Lane (Streets Bootleg)

Wu-Tang Clan – In The Hood

The Streets – Pure Garage

DJ Faz – Destiny

Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight

Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More (Streets Rowdy Bootleg)

DMX – Who We Be

More Fire Crew – Oi!

Mr Vegas – She’s A Ho

Aphrodite – Arsonist (Streets Less Ave It Bootleg)

House – Trick Daddy,

Tyree Cooper – Swing (Yardly Mix)

The Streets – Irony Bootleg

Method Man – Judgement Day (Roni Size Mix)

Redman – Doggz 2 (Streets Bootleg)

Method Man feat. Teddy Riley – Party,

Iconz – Get Crunked Up

The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself.

The Streets’ next single, ‘Weak Become Heroes’, will be released come 8th of July.

P Diddy Shuns Jury Duty

Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs has managed to avoid serving jury duty in New York. The rap mogul was called to the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, but missed a spot in the jury box after claiming that he’d have problems being impartial.

Sean Combs arrived at the court at 9:30 am, sporting a Met cap and Tom Seaver jersey. He then went into a room with 20 other potential jurors for a personal injury case. The Bad Boy records boss apparently annoyed the other jurors by speaking loudly on a mobile phone.

The lawyers then asked the potential jurors if they’d have a problem being impartial, Diddy said he would, and was excused from the panel.

He was later questioned for another personal injury case, and was sent home around noon with a ‘call-in-card,’ which meant that he had to return to the court on Wednesday morning to see if he was needed.

The Tide Is High And Atomic Kitten’s Liz Can’t Find A Fellah

The ladies from Atomic Kitten have just revealed their brand new single’s title and it’s called ‘Tide Is High’. It’s a wicked new version of the classic track made famous in the early 80s by the legendary Blondie will be the second single to be taken from the Kittens’ forthcoming new album, scheduled to be released later in the year. Tracklisting and format info is soon to be confirmed, and the girls are filming the video for the track in the next few weeks.

Moving on, Atomic Kitten singer Liz McLarnon has revealed that she is fed up with being single.

While fellow Atomic Kitten singers Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost are engaged Liz remains single and not too happy.

“I’ve been single for a while and it’s getting boring” Jenny told a newspaper. “A cute fellah working at the hotel gave me the eye” she explained, “but I didn’t have time to do anything. How annoying is that?”

Liz had a brief fling with Blue’s Lee Ryan recently but has since experienced a quieter love life. She said “I am definitely single. And I’m on the lookout for a man.”

The singer recently told all that she’d like to hang out with more single pop sensations. Liz told us “Kylie, if you’re watching, we’ll go out and have some bevvies and pull some fellahs! With your bum and my chat up technique we’ll be unstoppable.”

The Calling And Their New Guitarist

Since the departure of guitarist Sean Woolstenhulme, The Calling has yet to free a comment about the band’s situation.

Lead singer, Alex Band, finally shattered the silence in an email to fans found on their mailing list. The band is currently in London to promote their debut album, ‘Camino Palmero’, an album that I rate as superb.

Anyway, in the email, Alex said “Although the news came as a shock to us… we love Sean and wish him the best. There are no bad vibes between us even though he now will be playing with Lifehouse, a band I once respected.”

He continues saying “I want to assure you all that this will not affect our band, our touring, our progress or anything whatsoever. It’s a pain in the ass and it sucks, to be honest, but we’ll be fine. We’re getting a new guitarist next week that you all will be the first to hear about, promise. It will be funny considering whoever we chose, this person’s first show will be to over one hundered thousand people in Europe! He’ll be peeing in his pants for sure!”

Looks like the band is still in high spirits after all which is cool.