Darren Hayes Not A Priority

It appears that former Savage Garden singer, Darren Hayes, has been struck-off Columbia Records’ high priority list in the US. What led to that? Well, that occurred because of the failure of his solo single and album.

The record label decided to give Darren the same status as Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, all of whom are huge global bestsellers, after seeing that he used to have a popular and flourishing career when he was still linked up with Savage Garden.

However, the transatlantic failure of Darren’s debut single, ‘Insatiable’, and the album, ‘Spin’, which both fought miserably to make the US Top 40, has forced Columbia Records, to rethink his marketability.

The company, to a certain extent, blames Darren Hayes’ decision to ditch an $800,000 music video, after complaining the choreography looked rather “too gay” and the fact that he reverted to his natural blond hair for his solo work.

According to Darren, he dyed his hair black for Savage Garden as “a metaphor for feeling like I had to become someone else.” However, the press in Australia reported recently that people basically are failing to recognise the singer with his blond locks and hat, commenting “as it stands, the music video for ‘Insatiable’ looks like it’s from some blond guy named Darren Hayes.”

Darren Hayes will release a second UK single from ‘Spin’, which is entitled ‘Strange Relationship’, which I give 3 stars out of 5, on the 8th of July.

Nelly To Launch LP In Style

Nelly is to launch his new album fashionably this month, when he transforms London’s trendy Ladbroke Grove into his very own Nellyville for one day only.

On 27th of June, the area around the Westway, including the Ion bar and the Subterrania club, will be decked-out with US-style bunting and banners, while stilt-walkers, fire-eaters and breakdancers will be doing their thing on the West London streets.

The celebrations will kick-off good and proper at 7.00pm, when a host of DJs, such as Ras Kwame and Da Firing Squad, will be spinning tunes at Ion. The party will then carry on until the wee hours of the next morning, when it’ll move along the road to the Subterrania, where Kwame and Da Firing Squad will be joined by DJ Swing, DJ 279, DJ Semtex and a crowd of celebrities.

Despite all the pomp and ceremony around the launch of the album, ‘Nellyville’, which is released on 1st of July, it’s still blurred if the rapper himself will be in town to join in the festivities.

‘Hot In Herre’, the first single to be lifted from the album, like predicted, has stripped its way to bag itself a No.4 slot on the UK singles charts.

H & Claire Reveal More Info On Future Album

H & Claire, the two ex-Steps pop duo, have revealed more details about their forthcoming debut album, which is due in record stores sometime in November.

According to their authorized website, www.handclaire.com, the twosome have been veiled away in a studio working on new tracks with the likes of Mark Topham and Karl Twigg. They are of course, the talented pair who wrote and produced Steps’ hits such as ‘Stomp’, ‘Deeper Shade Of Blue’ and ‘One For Sorrow’. Apparently, this time round, they’ve come up with a couple of tasty ballads and an up-tempo track.

They’ve also spent the past week with ‘Gotta Get Through This’ sensation, Daniel Beddingfield, in what some have described as the most intriguing collaboration of the year.

Meanwhile, H & Claire’s new single ‘Half A Heart’ will be out real soon.

Britney the most popular celebrity

Britney Spears has beaten Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg and Madonna as she tops the 2002 Forbes Celebrity list.

The list, complied annually, takes into account earnings, TV & Radio coverage, Web searches and media presence of the World’s top celebrities.

Britney tops the list by earning $39.2 million and having a fantastic 12 months in the media spotlight. As well as appearing on a huge number of magazine covers, she made her movie debut in Crossroads, had live television concert specials, starred in numerous Pepsi ads, and prepared for the opening of her NYC restaurant, NYLA. Even the “on-off” speculation about her and Justin Timberlake fueled her media rise to the top.

To see the full list for yourself, click here.

Any ideas when the Britney phenomenom will end?

Morcheeba And Their New Material

The South London-based trio of brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey plus vocalist Skye Edwards are one of those bands which, fortunately, don’t need a massive hit single. Morcheeba will always be eternally cool and popular to a large amount of music fans because they’ve got a unique sound and, of course, are good at what they do.

‘Otherwise’, is the trio’s first number from their latest ‘Charango’ album, which the band themselves have pretentiously described as musical cannibalism for the modern era.

To the layman, this basically means a string-laden lament that’s supplemented with a trip-hop beat, all of which is wrapped-up in the Godfreys’ lush and much sought-after production sheen.

“It’s Bollywood inspired a little and it’s all lovely” said Skye who spoke to the press lately.

Skye’s breathy vocals are as seductive as ever, if a little too similar to past glories for comfort, but the touches of Serge Gainsbourg-ish and Bollywood-style instrumentation certainly make ‘Otherwise’ worth investigating and definitely purchasing.

Truth Hurts And So Go Get Addicted

My back is achin’/ From all love makin’/ Oh, yes, I’m taken/ Ain’t no use in fakin’/ My ups, my downs/ My high and my lows/ From head to toe/ He makes me blow/ He hits the spot/ He makes me hot/ I’m all that he’s got/ And he’s all that I’ve got/ He’s so contagious/ He turns my pages/ He’s got me anxious/ He’s what I’ve waited for/

You just read a few lines off Shari Watson’s debut track, entitled ‘Addictive’. She is also more popularly known by her stage moniker, Truth Hurts. She’s being talked about in the same breath as singers like Ashanti, Tweet and Sharissa as a potential successor to Mary J. Blige’s queen of hip-hop soul crown. Her track’s simply massive and so far, her single’s peaking at a No. 9 slot on the Billboard charts.

I would give it 4 stars out of 5 for Truth’s first single. I don’t know what it is about this song but hearing it the first time round on my local airwaves certainly got me addicted. But then again, I think I do. Maybe it’s her voice or the Indian lady who sings in Hindi in the background. It might just be the chorus or even the flute riffs in parts of the song.

“I was like, ‘Man, I’ve never heard anything like this. I adore it’. I took it to Dre that day, and he was like, ‘This changes the game right here. He said ‘I love this track. It’s irresistible. I think it should be your first single.'” Truth, who has had operatic training since young, explained, as to how her virgin number came about.”The song is really simple” Dr. Dre said. “All it is, really, is a drum track, bassline and there’s this Indian girl singing brilliantly. And it was just plain incredible.”

Speaking recently to MTV.com, Truth said, with loads of frankness “I’ve experienced a lot of lies and bullsh– with people in the music industry. It’s not truthful and honest at all. I got to a point where I was fed up with that. When you’re an artist you feel like, ‘This is the only thing I have,’ and you want to push forth… Just going through with the bullsh–, sometimes makes your art not worth it at all.”

From her years of toiling in the music industry, Truth’s obviously tired and at one point, nearly gave it all up but with ‘Addictive’ buzzing left, right and center now, she’s definitely got her mentor and good friend, Dr. Dre, to thank. He was, without doubt, actually on to something when he convinced her to give it another go on the mic.

“I think a lot of the music the female artists are putting out right now is kind of bubble-gummish. Not to take anything away from the female artists that are out there now. They’re doing their thing, but that’s their thing. I wanted a singer that can really sing, but do the type of music that my audience is going to buy. I don’t think that’s been done so far. It’s been done with singers singing on rap records, what have you, making it edgy and all. But nobody just came for themselves, making an entire edgy R&B album. And I think Truth did just that.”

Showered with production from DJ Quik, Hi-Tek, Organized Noise and more, Truth’s full-length release, ‘Truthfully Speaking’, will be dropping in all good music outlets on the 18th of June. Her complete tracklisting for her debut offering’s listed below.




Truth Hurts, The


Next To Me


Addictive (featuring Rakim)




Not Really Lookin






Do Me


This Feelin’




That’s Love


Hollywood Niggas




What I Am

Be sure to check her official space on the web, proudly located at an easy to remember URL: www.truthhurtsonline.com

Damir’s Good Crazy / Bad Crazy Tour

Early in the warm days of May, a tall thin kid came into the Indie Music Paper office with a grin on his face, and a head full of wacky stories from his travels performing hip hop music. That kid was underground Toronto artist Damir, an energetic vibrant guy who thinks nothing of impromptu performances where ever it feels right. He fondly recalls the time he was listening to a gospel choir sing in a church when he brought along his portable piano. He was in the church the next morning, and asked the people there whether they wanted to hear one of his songs. They agreed, and he performed just for them “Don’t Let That Get You Down”, the debut track on his latest album Bad Ass beats. It’s a dreamy tune with an atmospheric electronic sound, including lyrics such as “I stopped speeding in the fast lane, I take it slow now I have more respect. I started thinking seeing feeling things are gonna get better.” Of course, the audience loved it. And it resulted in one of Damir’s favorite live performance, in which he and Errol Trench, a pastoral from a local gospel church performed live on stage. I asked Errol Trench if he wanted to come to a hip-hop party and sing, I told him about the scene and told him that some people drink up, some people dope up, but I look up, Errol agreed. When we both got up on stage at the show, we caught people off guard and everyone heard us and it was great!”

At the interview Damir feels so energetic today that he ends up reciting some of his lyrics in front of me, moving around the office and blowing off some steam. Later on he recites more lyrics, but this time on top of the chairs… Clearly, this guy with the impish smile and ruffled blonde hair aims to please any audience in front of him. And the audience obviously appreciates it, if we take a look at his answering machine messages? Yes, the sixth track of the Bad Ass Beats, simply called “The Message”, is composed completely of messages from people taken from his answering machine, and some of them obviously praise Damir for his awesome music making. A more recent success would be his song “Business” (also taken from bad Ass beats) making the top of the hit list at new music Canada.

Don’t think that damir hasn’t worked hard to be a success, though. He’s traveled extensively, from Victoria to Montreal, from Paris to Houston, Texas. Actually, his travels to Paris inadvertently led to a spontaneous performance at Montreal’s Dorval airport. After making lots of friends in Paris, he returned home. Then he went to the airport in Quebec and stopped passengers heading on planes to France to ask them if they could mail his letters to his friends: “They were asking me” what do you do?” and I told them I was a musician, and so they asked me to do something.” That something turned into a full-blown performance in miniature in the corridors of Dorval Airport, complete with break dancing in front of one of the police officers. This guy was just clapping at me and saying ‘bon, bon'” and I was dancing.

Later on, I got a tape of it because someone taped it on their camera.” Damir then goes to a computer, logs onto his web page at www.damirworld.com and shows me some fuzzy stills taken from that Montreal video of him. All throughout the interview, he is energetic, happy and a pleasure to be around. His stories left me laughing, his words kept me thinking, and I can only say afterwards that he’s made a convert out of me!

By: Christine @ Indie-Music Magazine


Melanie B Bags Drama Role

Mel B has secured herself her very first role in a TV drama series. Titled ‘Burn It’, it’ll be proudly brought to you from the producers of hit TV show, ‘Queer As Folk’.

The 10-part series, about a group of fast-living friends in Manchester, has just gone into production for BBC Choice and it’s said that it’ll be broadcast later this year.

A spokeswoman told the papers “Yes. She’s in it. People are thinking it’s going to be the Mel B show. There are six characters altogether.”

Also known as Scary Spice, Mel B will star together with Lisa Faulkner in the series. Playing the other 20-somethings will be Kieron O’Brien and Chris Coghill, who both appeared in ’24 Hour Party People’, Marsha Thomason from ‘Love In The 21st Century’, and William Ash, who appeared in ‘Clocking Off’ and ‘Playing The Field’.

Mis-Teeq’s On The Ball

Mis-Teeq have slammed the state of female pop star football, dismissing their Soccer Six opponents as more interested in their nails than the beautiful game.

Celebrating their victory in the recent charity football fundraiser, the unstoppable girl group phenomenon complained that their female opponents were bad sports.

“That was the first year we were invited to put a team together and we went there and we just kicked butt. People had trouble handling that since we heard they called us dirty!”

Alesha explained that personal grooming seemed to be the priority of most of the players “We were playing girls that were very much, like, ‘Ooh, don’t break my nails’ kind of thing.”

Amongst players that included former Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona, Lisa Rogers, Suzanne from Hear’Say and Cat Deeley, Mis-Teeq didn’t have much trouble cruising their way through to win the finals.

“In every single game we played, nobody scored against us.”

Emma Bunton And Others Adore New Lavish Musical, Bombay Dreams

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical ‘Bombay Dreams’ premiered in London’s West End, Apollo Victoria theatre, last Wednesday, 19th of June and both stars and reviewers who turned up have given it a glowing review.

Critics have praised the show and its vibrant production that involves waterfalls on the stage and pyrotechnics.

Celebrities who turned up included Emma Bunton, Sir Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira, Barbara Windsor, Ross Kemp, Frank Skinner, Claire Sweeney, Narinder from ‘Big Brother 2’, Denise Van Outen and loads more.

Giving it a thumbs up was Baby Spice, Emma Bunton who said “I love it. It’s entrancing and dazzling, I tell you. It’s just riveting. You’ve simply got to go catch it”.At the event, speaking to the press, Denise admitted she’s never seen a Bollywood movie but would love to be involved. “I’d love to really. From Basildon to Bollywood. It’s spectacular. The music, the costumes – unbelievable. Do you know what I really, really like? Preeya’s first single ‘Shakalaka Baby’. I’ve been getting changed because I had a really short dress on before and I thought I need to get out of the frock so that I can party afterwards and I was in the toilets going “Shakalaka baby, shakalaka baby…”

Lord Lloyd Webber’s homage to the Indian film industry has spent three years in the making, with a reported budget of GBP4.5 million. Written by Meera Syal of hilarious TV show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ fame, ‘Bombay Dreams’ is about a love story set in Bollywood.

The catchy song ‘Shakalaka Baby’, sung by the musical’s main star, Preeya Kalidas, will be released as a single next week.

Check out the beautiful official website at: www.bombaydreamsthemusical.com