Iz U Nelly?

Fresh off the success from the hit, ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather’ featuring P Diddy and fellow St. Lunatic Murphy Lee, Nelly is at the top of the charts with another hit, ‘Iz U’.

It has been the #1 Most Added song at the urban radio radio market.

The new single is the lead off single from Nelly’s next album, ‘Da Derrty Versions (The Reinvention)’, which will be in stores on 25 of November.

Brian McKnight Teams Up With Nelly

Check out below the latest from Brian McKnight. It’s a collaboration with Nelly and critics have raved about this track in the US, saying that it’s really excellent.

Nelly recently told the press “It was a pleasure to work with Brian McKnight just because he’s really powerful with his excellent vocals and all that. Lovely end product by the way which I highly recommend to all.”

Entitled ‘All Night Long’, the audio below works only if you’ve got RealPlayer installed. Click here for the audio sample.

Nelly Pulls Out Of Brit Awards To Care For His Sister

Nelly has been forced to pull out of performing at this year’s Brit Awards due to his sister being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Organisers say the star, who has been nominated for International Male Solo Artist, is by his sister’s bedside in America.

“Nelly loves his sister very much. He wants to spend his time with her. He is a good brother” said his spokesperson.

David Gray and Blue have now been added to the line-up of performers, which includes Pink, Coldplay, Sugarbabes, Avril Lavigne and Justin Timberlake.

Both Ms Dynamite and Tom Jones will be dueting with surprise stars at the London ceremony on the 20th of February.

Public tickets for the Brit Awards was sold out in less than 90 minutes.

A full list of nominations is available at www.brits.co.uk

Nelly Had No Knowledge Of New York

Nelly admitted to Glenn Gamboa of Newsday that before the success of ‘Country Grammar’, he had no knowledge of New York other than what he saw of it on television.

“It’s the oddest truth” said Nelly. “When we started in St. Louis in ’92, we didn’t know nothing about New York City except what we saw on TV.”

“We sold 9 million copies of ‘Country Grammar’ and 1.7 million of them in New York City. That’s amazing to us.”

Bootleg Remixes

Bootleg remixes: the latest craze or just a fad? These remixes seem to delight in pulling apart the latest chart hits and rebuilding into something completely different. Noisy distorted and often extreme adjustments of hits by Nelly, Beyonce, Madonna & Eminem just to name a few.

An legitmate artistic statement or no better than piracy? You be the judge.

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Skkatter Remixes

Nelly Doesn’t Find It A Dilemma Signing Butts

Although it’s been ‘Hot In Herre’ these past few weeks, things are always cool in the Nelly camp.

With his multi-platinum ‘Nellyville’ sitting atop the chart eight weeks after its release and getting even more popular thanks to the single ‘Dilemma’ featuring Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, Nelly’s typical day is anything but.

Having just autographed 60 baseballs and called in to dozens of radio stations for brief chats, as usual Nelly doesn’t have much time to himself. But unlike many artists who view such promotional obligations as a royal pain, the St. Louis rapper sees them as evidence he’s doing something right.

“You do find yourself doing a lot more interviews” he said. “But that just all comes with success, though. The higher you go, the more people want to talk to you. When you’re first starting off, there ain’t that many people that want to talk to you because they don’t care, basically. Until you start slowly but surely making a name for yourself, and then more and more people want to holler at you.”

“I do get asked for a lot of autographs from women, sometimes in a few strange places” he said with a smirk that gave the impression he wasn’t talking about geographical locations.”

“Butts have always been there” he confessed.

Nelly On Ways To Not Get Spotted And Speaks About A Duet Featuring Justin

As we all know, huge stars need to put on sunglasses, a hat, and baggy clothes, even if it’s in the evening, just to head on down to the store without getting noticed. All rapper Nelly needs to do is shut his mouth up and take off his trademark Band-Aid from his cheek.

When asked if he can still go to the mall unbothered, Nelly tells a reporter “Probably not the mall. But yeah, I just put a hat on and I’m fine. I still go to the same clubs as everybody else, I stop by the same fast food joints as everybody else. If I don’t have the Band-Aid on, people will say, ‘You look just like Nelly.’ But when I open my mouth to talk, they’ll spot the gold teeth. But really until then, I can just walk around like a regular fellah.”

Meanwhile, when rapper Nelly was coming up with a song for N’Sync’s Justin Timberlake to duet with him, he said a pop ditty about “diamond rings and chains and cars” just wasn’t going to cut it.

“The thing is, for me, I was trying to keep Justin realistic and believable. I don’t want Justin singing about my ‘hood or about diamond rings and chains and cars because that wouldn’t be believable, now would it. I wanted something he and I could feel comfortable with, and what better than singing about the girlies?” explains Nelly.

Nelly To Launch LP In Style

Nelly is to launch his new album fashionably this month, when he transforms London’s trendy Ladbroke Grove into his very own Nellyville for one day only.

On 27th of June, the area around the Westway, including the Ion bar and the Subterrania club, will be decked-out with US-style bunting and banners, while stilt-walkers, fire-eaters and breakdancers will be doing their thing on the West London streets.

The celebrations will kick-off good and proper at 7.00pm, when a host of DJs, such as Ras Kwame and Da Firing Squad, will be spinning tunes at Ion. The party will then carry on until the wee hours of the next morning, when it’ll move along the road to the Subterrania, where Kwame and Da Firing Squad will be joined by DJ Swing, DJ 279, DJ Semtex and a crowd of celebrities.

Despite all the pomp and ceremony around the launch of the album, ‘Nellyville’, which is released on 1st of July, it’s still blurred if the rapper himself will be in town to join in the festivities.

‘Hot In Herre’, the first single to be lifted from the album, like predicted, has stripped its way to bag itself a No.4 slot on the UK singles charts.