Kym’s At Liberty With Guest List For Wedding Celebrations

Kym Marsh has snubbed her ex bandmates from Hear’Say in favour of Popstars runners-up, Liberty X, who in my opinion are a far far much better group.

Kym, who is marrying EastEnder’s Jack Ryder in August, has asked Liberty X’s Jessica Heaton to the wedding but won’t be extending the invite to her former colleagues. According to the Sun, Hear’Say are fuming that they’ve been snubbed.

After all, with the whole event due to be covered by OK! magazine, Myleene, Noel and company need all the publicity they can get at the moment, what with they having a new member who totally needs to learn their dance moves on top of recovering from his foot injury, postponing just about everything and also pushing back their release date of their brand new single featuring the new Hear’Say member, Johnny.

Meanwhile, it has been said that Kym Marsh has already recorded a couple of tracks in preparation of launching herself as a solo artiste. This may happen sometime late this year.

Jetts17 Rock the House of Blues

Orlando, FL – Teen music sensations, JETTS17, brought the house down Thursday Night at the House of Blues during WXXL’s “In The Spotlight with XL106.7 and Kid Cruz.” JETTS17 took the stage as a special treat to Orlando fans and entertained the crowds prior to the announcement of the winning results.

JETTS17 have been described as the “New Millennium Family Band” according to People Magazine, and family is what JETTS17 are all about. From their intricate choreography to their soaring vocals, this group of teens from the Wolfgramm family packs a one-two punch. The group consists of five younger brothers and sisters of the original 80’s group, The Jets, that had such hits as “Crush On You” and “Make It Real.” With the addition of three cousins bringing the group total to eight, JETTS17 are a force to be reckoned with.

JETTS17 bring a new mix to the pop music scene of today. In addition to the size of the group, and the fact that they are all family, their music and stage presence sets them apart from the others. JETTS17 have created a fresh new sound by taking current Pop/R&B sounds and adding island grooves from their native Tonga.Having shared the stage with such entertainment legends like Little Richard, Natalie Cole, and Earth, Wind & Fire has helped them become seasoned performers. Most recently they showed the world their talent during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Currently the group can be found in Orlando where they are recording their first album. The next stop for JETTS17 will be opening for Mandy Moore at Seaworld’s Grad Night 2002 on May 3.

With their older siblings’ guidance, the younger Wolfgramms are poised to take over where their brothers and sisters left off.

Elton John critisizes Kylie Minogue and George Michael

Never one to keep his mouth shut, Elton John has spoken out about his pop peers, taking a swipe at pals George Michael and Kylie Minogue along the way.

Speaking to a magazine, the flamboyant rock legend said that, even though he thinks George is an amazing talent, he was disappointed by the former Wham! singer’s recent single Freeek!: “I just don’t think it was very good. And I love George. I honestly think he’s the most talented writer to come out of Britain in the last ten or 15 years, but I think he finds it hard to write and be productive. I just don’tthink Freeek! was his best song, but that’s OK – we’ve all made those kind of records.”

Turning to Kylie, whose album Fever pipped Elton’s Songs From The West Coast to the No. 1 spot last September, the Rocket Man said that, while he thought Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was great, he wasn’t too impressed by her album: “I love Kylie’s single, but I didn’t think the album was very good. I think she’s brilliant at what she does and she’s every man’s dream. Even I think she’s a gorgeous girl.”

1 World Cup Song Performed By Big Brother Duo Backed Up By Gay Radio Outlet

Gay and lesbian radio station The Scene is backing Big Brother duo Dean and Bubble for chart success with their World Cup anthem ‘Standing Tall’, which in accordance to some critics out there have recently proclaimed that this is THE British World Cup song and not the one by Ant & Dec.

The Scene’s head of music Stuart Kelly claims the tune could become the people’s favourite in the way Three Lions was adopted by England fans at Euro ’96.

Dean and Bubble will be guest presenters on The Scene between 10pm and 1am on May 1.Stuart said a couple of days back “I have heard most of the other contenders efforts and there is no doubt that Dean and Bubble’s song is very much on the Three Lions Tip, mixed with Oliver’s Consider Yourself makes it the perfect football anthem, which fans up and down the country can sing to, while cheering on England.”

You’ve got to find the time somehow to go check this radio outlet out. It’s brill I tell you. The Scene can be heard on Sky Digital channel 889 and online at:

Dean and Bubble’s ‘Standing Tall’ finally rolls in, come 27~5~2002, so be make a reminder or something to go grab your copy. I’ve heard the track and I must admit it’s very good.

allSTARS Talk About Pop Music

Happy popsters allSTARS have said they think it’s unfair that over-hyped bands like The Strokes get all the critical acclaim when groups such as themselves get ignored by radio stations.

Speaking on the eve of the release of their brand new, Cathy Dennis-penned single Back When, Becky Hunter raged: “There’s a lot of bandwagon-jumping. It’s kind of sad that a lot of the time only one person decides ‘right we’ll play these songs, but we won’t play that’. And that’s from one person’s opinion. It’s unfair. There’s a big, big audience for every kind of music. I think that just about everbody is a closet pop fan but just don’t posess the damn guts to say it out. Pop croons are irrestitably catchy and often has hooks you simply can’t get out of your head. With stuff like that around, pop croons appeal to all and not just kids, teens and young adults.”

However, when it comes to bands like The Strokes or The White Stripes, the allSTARS gang aren’t too impressed with all the hype, suggesting that their own shiny, happy hits are just as important, whether they receive plaudits from the music press or not.”You wouldn’t get a kid sitting at home listening to The Strokes,” Becky said. “Kids have to have something to listen to, so if they’re listening to us, why is that not as important as a 40-year-old or a 30-year-old listening to music?”

However, Ashley also pointed out that youngsters are always pressured into listening to cool music by their pals at school and are rarely allowed to openly enjoy pop trash like allSTARS: “At school, kids either decide they like grunge music or whatever, and if they do they’re not allowed to like anything else. There’s a rule that it’s not cool to like pop. There’s a minority who are bigoted about it, usually the ones who say ‘this is proper music’ or ‘that is proper music’. If you talk to a lot of people who like pop or dance, everyone is quite open-minded. All my friends listen to all sorts of things. If it’s a good song, it’s a good song.”

But it was allSTAR Sam Bloom who summed it up best: “Music is a brilliant thing and I don’t see why everyone has to be so fussy about it. It’s music. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. That’s the end of it.”

Back When, which comes backed by the track We’re Going All The Way, is released today, April 29th.

Fancy A Simon Cowell’s Book, Anyone?

Simon Cowell is writing a book about the pop industry called The X-Factor. It will be published by Arrow in March next year. The book will tie in with the second series of Pop Idol which is due to air next spring.

Cowell said: “In this book I’m going to say what I really think about certain bands and pop stars, who’s got it and who hasn’t, and give the advice every aspiring pop star should know.”

The book is expected to uncover aspects of the pop industry from record companies and management to choosing an image and dealing with press and promotional work.

He will also uncover the truth behind real-life successes and failures.

Anna Cherrett, who commissioned the book for Arrow, said: “Love or loathe Simon and his opinions, you cannot deny he is a hugely influential part of the pop world and we are absolutely thrilled to sign him up for what we know will be a great book.

“The X-Factor will appeal to the thousands of pop star hopefuls out there, the millions who tuned in to Pop Idol, and all those who don’t crave the limelight but are intrigued by the pop and celebrity world and its goings on.”

World Cup For England To Be Crooned By ’90s Pop Duo, Ant & Dec

Is there going to be a World Cup tune for England? Sure. Of course. No two ways about that one. England have just launched their official World Cup song “We’re On The Ball”, described by the record company as a “flag-waving, terrace-chanting, sing-along monster of a footie anthem”.

The song is performed by Ant and Dec who present the hugely successful TV talent show Pop Idol.

The video, shown to reporters at the FA headquarters on Thursday, shows Ant and Dec disguising themselves as Sven-Goran Eriksson and Tord Grip, in order to get to the World Cup in South Korea and Japan next month. Ant, who played the role of Sven in the video, said he thought England had a good chance of success at the World Cup “provided everybody’s fit.”

“Everyone we’ve mentioned on the record has got injured,” the handsome lad added.Asked about competition from other World Cup songs and from Pop Idol winner Will Young, who releases his new single on the same day, May 27, Ant said: “Will’s a great guy, so we’re even more determined to kick his skinny little ass.”

The Football Association hope their choice will be as popular as the 1990 World Cup anthem ‘World in Motion’ by New Order, featuring a rap sequence by winger John Barnes, which is one of the few football songs to have won critical acclaim.

Previous efforts, which were sung by the England squads themselves, include “We’ve Got The Whole World At Our Feet” in 1986 and ‘This Time (We’ll Get it Right)’ from 1982.

The England song in 1998, “On Top of the World” by the squad and featuring artists including the Spice Girls, flopped.

“Back Home” was the first official England World Cup song in 1970 and, as has often been the case, did better than the team, reaching the top of the charts.

The defending champions’ World Cup dream came to a bitter end that year, with England knocked out at the quarter-final stage by Germany, losing 3-2 after leading 2-0.

One of the most popular unofficial songs was The Lightning Seeds’ “Three Lions”, featuring David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, which was first released for the European championships in 1996.

It was remixed for the 1998 World Cup in France and is still chanted by fans during England games.

Fat Les, a group featuring actor Keith Allen, Alex James from Blur and artist Damien Hirst, had a hit with “Vindaloo” in 1998. But their follow up for Euro 2000, a version of the hymn Jerusalem, was a little bit less successful.

Anyway, I hope Ant & Dec return to the music scene. Not just with this cut, but with more new offerings from them. Maybe a full-length LP perhaps?

Kylie Minogue Gets All Designer-ish With D&G

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has recruited top designers Dolce & Gabbana to kit her out for her sell-out tour.

Her dancers will be dressed by Agent Provocateur, the upmarket lingerie label for which Kylie appeared in a cinema ad dressed in only her undies.

The singer promised her tour would feature the most lavish concerts of her career.

Kylie said: “In the past, we’ve made many a show work with little more than pennies to rub together, so this is something of a luxury to be able to create the show we’ve only dreamt of previously.”

The shows will need a permanent touring cast of more than 100 people and has taken six months to put together.

D&G has designed Kylie’s look for the tour, which has been influenced by the futuristic styles of Star Trek, Dr Who, A Clockwork Orange and David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

The Italian designers said: “We like Kylie’s spontaneity, her freshness.

“Kylie is the quintessence of the contemporary artist and her music and style capture the essence of the Dolce & Gabbana look – glamorous, hyper-feminine and modern.”

The pint-sized singer, whose single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was one of last year’s biggest sellers, will be flanked by a troupe of scantily-clad dancers.

Kylie will be performing songs from throughout her career for her Fever 2002 shows.

This article was written exclusively for by:

India Ramachandran

TLC Singer Dies In Car Crash

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (pictured on the left in this album cover) of TLC has been killed in a car crash in Honduras. The singer, 30, was on vacation when the car she was travelling in was involved in the fatal accident. She was travelling with 7 other passengers at the time, the rest of which survived.

TLC have had several hits since they arrived on the scene in 1990. They’d won numerous awards including a Grammy for the 1999 album Fan Mail. More recently, Lisa had sung with Melanie C on her track “Never Be The Same Again” and had released her own album.

LA Reid, president of Arista records, said “No words can possibly express the sorrow and sadness I feel for this most devastating loss.”

“Lisa was not only a gifted and talented musical inspiration, but more importantly, she was like a daughter to me.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa’s family and friends. Her legacy will be remembered forever.”