Fancy A Simon Cowell’s Book, Anyone?

Simon Cowell is writing a book about the pop industry called The X-Factor. It will be published by Arrow in March next year. The book will tie in with the second series of Pop Idol which is due to air next spring.

Cowell said: “In this book I’m going to say what I really think about certain bands and pop stars, who’s got it and who hasn’t, and give the advice every aspiring pop star should know.”

The book is expected to uncover aspects of the pop industry from record companies and management to choosing an image and dealing with press and promotional work.

He will also uncover the truth behind real-life successes and failures.

Anna Cherrett, who commissioned the book for Arrow, said: “Love or loathe Simon and his opinions, you cannot deny he is a hugely influential part of the pop world and we are absolutely thrilled to sign him up for what we know will be a great book.

“The X-Factor will appeal to the thousands of pop star hopefuls out there, the millions who tuned in to Pop Idol, and all those who don’t crave the limelight but are intrigued by the pop and celebrity world and its goings on.”

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