Which Of The Spice Girls Slept With Robbie Williams? Mel C Hints…

Mel C has slammed Robbie Williams’ claim that he’s slept with all but one of the Spice Girls.

Despite having a brief fling with the Angels singer, Mel hinted that she knew at least two members of the former girl band hadn’t had sex with him.

Former Sporty Spice also claimed that although she was linked with Robbie for about a month in the late 90s she didn’t sleep with him.

She went on to say that after chatting about it with Victoria Beckham recently, she knew Robbie was all talk when he revealed his Spice Girls’ conquest at the end of last year, when he claimed “I’ve only got one left to have had all the Spice Girls.”But Melanie told Closer magazine “Victoria asked me about that and said ‘Well, I know I’ve not slept with him.'”

Sporty then went on to reveal “And I know Emma’s not slept with him.”

She concludes “I’d like to ask Robbie about this because, to my knowledge, there are a few of the Spice Girls he didn’t sleep with.”

Robbie and Geri Halliwell enjoyed a holiday romance some five years ago and there’s no word from Mel B who went out with one of Robbie’s mates, actor Max Beesley, for about four years.

The Further US Adventures of Emma

Emma Bunton continues her quest for US success this week, and it seems to be going pretty well. Her album Free Me has cracked the Billboard Album Chart Top 200 at #183- that’s higher than Robbie Williams ever got with his album, Escapology. Meanwhile, Bini & Martini’s remix of her October 2003 #6 smash, Maybe, follows Free Me into the US dance charts at #4 this week. Emma says “I’m delighted at the response my album has recieved. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to branch out to a whole new audience this time round with the album, and people have given it such a positive feedback, which is wicked.” Emma begins work on her third studio album in April.For more on Emma’s adventures in the USA as it happens, visit www.emmabuntonofficial.com

Emma Bunton And Her Rituals

IGN.com caught up with Emma Bunton for a Q&A and asked the former Spice Girl if she had any rituals or odd little practices she does on a regular basis. ”

Actually when I was with the Spice Girls we used to all do the kind of thing where we put our hands on top of each other,” Emma Bunton responded.

“Do you know what I mean? The all for one kind of thing. And I remember we always used to have to do that and one night we forgot and we all got very kind of ‘What’s gonna happen?’ and it was fine. But back then we used to kind of do that thing. Other than that I would say that I’m not too bad. I’m very much into reflexology and my mother does healing and I love keeping things in balance, so I don’t need to do any rituals just before anything. I kind of just make sure that that happens all the time.”

Emma Bunton To Move To The USA?

ContactMusic.com reports that former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is having so much fun in New York City promoting her debut US solo album Free Me, she may decide to stay in the city.

“I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had here and I’m actually thinking of phoning home and saying I’m not coming home! I really am having the most amazing time,” Emma Bunton said.

Emma Bunton To Work With Will Young On New LP

It seems that Emma Bunton was supposedly leaving for greener pastures in the USA since she felt that she didn’t really make that much of an impact on the charts with her recent solo singles.

Looks like Simon Fuller has managed to talk her around. She has agreed to stay on and start work on anther album.

This time she’s going to work with Simon Fuller’s other big act, Pop Idol champ Will Young. When Emma heads into the studio later this year to record her new album, Will Young will contribute a track. Maybe even a duet or two.

Apparently, the two did a duet once and it went down extremely well.

Emma Bunton Digs All Things Italian

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton checked in with fans on her official website’s diary on July 2.

Emma wrote, “I’ve literally spent most of the last month in Italy which as you know is one of my favourite places in Europe. I’m a big fan of the food, the culture, the men!”

“I’ve been promoting Maybe there and it seems to be going down really well. One of the real highlights of my trip was being a guest at the men’s Missoni fashion show in Milan where I got to go backstage, mingle with the models and drink champagne.”

“I couldn’t believe my luck. My girl friends here were so jealous. There was even lunch at the brand new Bulgari Hotel with the Missoni family, so I was working my best look too!”

Emma Bunton, Madonna Eyeing New Underwater Album

Underwater Music is gearing up for the release of its second compilation, ‘Underwater Episode Two’, mixed by label boss, Darren Emerson and Brixton-based dirty funkers, Mutiny. It will hit the shops come 16th of June.

The new mix will feature tracks from the likes of Paul Jackson, Gus Gus and Mutiny as well as Tim Deluxe with ‘Less Talk More Action’, his highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s huge summer anthem ‘It Just Won’t Do’.

There will be 3000 limited edition copies of the compilation in a colour gel pack filled with blue water-like oil. Darren commented ‘It’s an Underwater album so we thought we’d package it giving the impression of underwater style or something!

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that the album is such hot material so much so that Madonna, Craig David, Emma Bunton and more would like to get their hands on their copy of the LP.

Emma was reportedly quoted saying “I love the previous Underwater album and this one is going to be real super.”

Emma Bunton Spotted Kissing Girlfriend

Ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton enjoyed a night out with a blonde gal pal, and shocked all present by giving the blondie a steamy full-on lip-lock.

Baby Spice was at a party thrown by Justin Timberlake at a London club.

A partier at the club revealed, “Emma started snogging her pal. It wasn’t like a mere peck on the cheek or one of those air kisses ok. They were really, and I mean, REALLY, going for it.”

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton is said to be making a comeback to the world of mainstream music by releasing her brand new single, rumoured to be one called ‘Free Me’ sometime in April. Thing is, she has not signed onto a label yet so nothing’s really confirmed.

Emma Coming To Hong Kong

1 September 2002 0915SST – 0800GMT rnrnEMMA COMING TO HONG KONGrnrnSpice Girl Emma Bunton will be attending a ball in Hong Kong next month to celebrate the Queens 50th anniversary according to a report translated by fansite Love, Peace And Girl Power. rnrnEmma will be performing at the ball and later give away clothes for charity. The clothes will probably be sold for a low price and not in an auction. The event is held every 2 years and this is the first time that the event sells clothes from celebrites overseas.Other celebrites given away their clothes including Lady Victoria Hervey,Tamara beckwith and Gianfranco Ferre.rnrnNews compiled by Spice Girls Asia News TeamGet more of the latest Spice Girls news and information at http://www.spicegirlsasia.cjb.net

Emma Bunton Caught In A Tight Embrace With Jamie Theakston

The Sun has several photos of Spice Girl Emma Bunton in a tight embrace with shamed television host Jamie Theakston, who was caught in a bondage dungeon in January.

The pair kissed and cuddled at an exclusive polo event in Windsor, Berks.

“They had a quick look around then started stroking each other and kissing. It was quite surprising. People saw them and they looked more than just friends.”

The pair smooched affectionately for ten minutes then sloped back to their dates for the rest of the afternoon.

A spokesman for Jamie said “Jamie and Emma are old friends and they hadn’t seen each other for a while. I’m sure they were just pleased to see each other.”

Too pleased if you ask me that is.

Read more and check out the pictures here.