Emma Bunton And Others Adore New Lavish Musical, Bombay Dreams

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical ‘Bombay Dreams’ premiered in London’s West End, Apollo Victoria theatre, last Wednesday, 19th of June and both stars and reviewers who turned up have given it a glowing review.

Critics have praised the show and its vibrant production that involves waterfalls on the stage and pyrotechnics.

Celebrities who turned up included Emma Bunton, Sir Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira, Barbara Windsor, Ross Kemp, Frank Skinner, Claire Sweeney, Narinder from ‘Big Brother 2’, Denise Van Outen and loads more.

Giving it a thumbs up was Baby Spice, Emma Bunton who said “I love it. It’s entrancing and dazzling, I tell you. It’s just riveting. You’ve simply got to go catch it”.At the event, speaking to the press, Denise admitted she’s never seen a Bollywood movie but would love to be involved. “I’d love to really. From Basildon to Bollywood. It’s spectacular. The music, the costumes – unbelievable. Do you know what I really, really like? Preeya’s first single ‘Shakalaka Baby’. I’ve been getting changed because I had a really short dress on before and I thought I need to get out of the frock so that I can party afterwards and I was in the toilets going “Shakalaka baby, shakalaka baby…”

Lord Lloyd Webber’s homage to the Indian film industry has spent three years in the making, with a reported budget of GBP4.5 million. Written by Meera Syal of hilarious TV show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ fame, ‘Bombay Dreams’ is about a love story set in Bollywood.

The catchy song ‘Shakalaka Baby’, sung by the musical’s main star, Preeya Kalidas, will be released as a single next week.

Check out the beautiful official website at: www.bombaydreamsthemusical.com

Emma Bunton Patches Things Up With Jade Jones

Reports are indicating that just six weeks ago since they split, the ‘What Took You So Long’ crooner, Emma Bunton, is apparently back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Jade Jones of R&B band Damage

The couple enjoyed a smooth dinner date during the weekend at stylish London club, Elysium. Onlookers at the club all say that they saw the couple snogging even! One observer told The Sun “They were dancing together and just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.”

They had gone their separate ways earlier on, after all those constant fights about her working together with Simon Fuller, who by the way used to be her ex-flame, in the hopes of reviving her solo pop career again.

It was later reported that Simon of Blue fame, took an obvious interest in Emma upon hearing about the split that is, at a party and looked really happy when she turned up. Whether things heated up or not, we don’t really know but now that she’s back with Jade again, looks like things didn’t really work out between she and Simon in the way Simon would’ve liked it to go.

Looks Like Emma’ll Be Saying What Took You So Long, Simon

Emma Bunton has got tongues wagging recently after she was seen flirting with Simon Webbe, who’s from Blue, just barely a week after her break-up with Jade.

The tabloids are claiming that the two sensations were intimate at Britney Spears’s ‘Crossroads’ U.K. premiere as they chatted happily in the VIP area and later sent mushy text messages (SMS) across the crowded room.

As stated earlier on Pop-music.com, the songstress for her ‘What Took You So Long’ number, dumped Jade last week after all of the constant bitter struggles mainly over her former lover and manager Simon Fuller.

According to a source “Emma is upset about splitting with Jade but thinks the best way to get over him is to get out and meet new people. She is a big flirt but she seems particularly keen on Simon because he’s just about her type. She arrived late at Britney’s party and Simon was apparently rather ecstatic to see her.”

Emma Bunton’s Jaded

Emma Bunton, also more commonly known as Baby Spice, is now single. The ‘What Took You So Long’ vocalist has broken off with boyfriend Jade Jones from Damage.

According to tabloids, Emma and Jade have been quarrelling for weeks now because of her decision to re-ignite her relationship with the ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who used to be a former lover of hers.

A friendly source with rather close ties to the beautiful singer had this to say “Emma and Jade have split up. Jade was not happy about her going back to Simon. He was quite jealous whenever Simon phoned.”

It has been said that both of them also had loads of squabbles over which way they wanted their relationship to go. Emma had been hoping for marriage while Jade still enjoys life as a single pop star.

Emma and Jade’s history:

The pair started dating in 1998 after meeting at a Spice Girls gig. They split up sometime in May 1999 and soon after Emma started seeing Rio Ferdinand. That didn’t last long because she patched things up with Jade and have been going out since November 2000.

Now that Emma’s single, think she’d get back with Jade or will she rekindle what both she and Simon had in the past?

Emma Bunton Reunites With Ex-Spice Manager

Emma Bunton has signed a new deal in a bid to boost her solo career with former Spice Girls’ manager Simon Fuller, who was totally responsible for the meteoric rise of the Spice Girls.

Simon who has since gone on to launch the successful pop band S Club 7, along with the hit UK television show ‘Pop Idol’ and is now worth estimately GBP100 million was then later fired by the “Girl Power” pop outfit in 1997 for allegedly controlling the band and providing them with a jam-packed work schedule.In a statement issued by the artist formerly, well still occasionally, known as Baby Spice, Emma Bunton explained, “They are very supportive of my plans and I am really excited about the future.”

19 Management’s Julian Henry said of the new deal, “It won’t be just about her as a singer.”

Last April, Emma scored a top position on the UK singles chart with her infectious single, ‘What Took You So Long?’ taken off her not-that-bad solo full-length album, ‘A Girl Like Me’ which also has her other hits like ‘Take My Breath Away’, ‘What I Am’ and the most recent ‘We’re Not Going To Sleep Tonight’.

For more information on Emma, visit her official website at www.emmabunton.net