Emma Bunton’s Jaded

Emma Bunton, also more commonly known as Baby Spice, is now single. The ‘What Took You So Long’ vocalist has broken off with boyfriend Jade Jones from Damage.

According to tabloids, Emma and Jade have been quarrelling for weeks now because of her decision to re-ignite her relationship with the ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who used to be a former lover of hers.

A friendly source with rather close ties to the beautiful singer had this to say “Emma and Jade have split up. Jade was not happy about her going back to Simon. He was quite jealous whenever Simon phoned.”

It has been said that both of them also had loads of squabbles over which way they wanted their relationship to go. Emma had been hoping for marriage while Jade still enjoys life as a single pop star.

Emma and Jade’s history:

The pair started dating in 1998 after meeting at a Spice Girls gig. They split up sometime in May 1999 and soon after Emma started seeing Rio Ferdinand. That didn’t last long because she patched things up with Jade and have been going out since November 2000.

Now that Emma’s single, think she’d get back with Jade or will she rekindle what both she and Simon had in the past?

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