Emma Bunton Patches Things Up With Jade Jones

Reports are indicating that just six weeks ago since they split, the ‘What Took You So Long’ crooner, Emma Bunton, is apparently back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Jade Jones of R&B band Damage

The couple enjoyed a smooth dinner date during the weekend at stylish London club, Elysium. Onlookers at the club all say that they saw the couple snogging even! One observer told The Sun “They were dancing together and just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.”

They had gone their separate ways earlier on, after all those constant fights about her working together with Simon Fuller, who by the way used to be her ex-flame, in the hopes of reviving her solo pop career again.

It was later reported that Simon of Blue fame, took an obvious interest in Emma upon hearing about the split that is, at a party and looked really happy when she turned up. Whether things heated up or not, we don’t really know but now that she’s back with Jade again, looks like things didn’t really work out between she and Simon in the way Simon would’ve liked it to go.

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