H Denies Relationship With Manager & Claire Worries For S Club Juniors

H has denied the entire buzz that suggests he’s dating his manager who goes by the name of Tim Byrne. Speaking to Heat magazine, the past-Steps star laughed the rumours off with a dismissive “Oh, please!”

H claimed that he doesn’t care about the constant gay rumours and explained that being involved in one of the most successful pop bands of all time means he hasn’t had time to meet anyone he can settle down with.

However, while he’s adamant that he’s not interested in men, H, whose real name’s Ian Watkins, also took the chance to express his concerns about Will Young’s decision to come out. “As long as Will was ready to come out himself, that’s fair enough” he said. “I hope that was the way. I just hope he wasn’t forced to do it.”

Other publications that have questioned, time after time, H’s sexual orientation would include the Gay Times and Boyz magazine.

Meanwhile, Claire has made public her fears for S Club Juniors, saying that they should be at school instead of prancing around singing pop croons at such early ages.Claire told a web-zine today, “I think there’s always a danger of messing kids up when they become famous at such an early age. Throughout history, the people who start too young always end up a bit mad. Look at Michael Jackson”.

The eight-strong S Club Juniors range from ages 11 to 13. The band, with their first ever offering ‘One Step Closer’, entered the UK Top 40 at No 2.

Concerned that the whole music business may be too pressurizing for them, Claire said “It just worries me that people won’t look after their interests and that they’ll be more interested in making a quick buck. At the end of the day, they’re just kids, people, and they should be at school, mingling with other kids their own age.”

As part of their jobs being presenters on SM:tv, she, together with H, revealed that they had interviewed the S Club Juniors and found them all to be real sweet kids.

Claire commented further “I don’t think people realise how difficult it is being a pop star. I just hope they’ve got a good team to look after them and keep them grounded.”

Their single, DJ, is already out in shops.

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