Jennifer Lopez Back from Japan – Straight To Topshop

The Daily Mail reports that J Lo returned back from a weekend break in Japan with 11 bags! Not so many given her diva status you would think? But no, this was for a weekend break with her manager Benny Medina for some promotional work. Check the photos here.

Anyway, Wednesday night J Lo was back in NYC to give her support to Kate Moss on the opening of the first Top Shop store in the US. A hug and a kiss from J Lo to Kate Moss. The store opens in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood today, and Kate Moss fans can meet their idol at the opening from 11am.

Jennifer Lopez Looks To Madonna In The Early Years reports that Jennifer Lopez, who is due to launch her first catwalk show for her fashion brand Sweetface had this to say about her early fashion inspirations.

“I was the girl who would take my dad’s sweatshirt and cut it up, so it had all these straps. I remember being very young and looking at Madonna and thinking she was the coolest ie her bracelets up to her elbow, her lace and gloves and tights. Seeing how music is so correlated to fashion, or even how movies are so correlated to fashion, it’s something so natural to me.”

Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Husband, Info On New Songs

The honeymoon period is definitely not over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The sexy singer couldn’t take her eyes off her other half during a showcase of her new music in London.

The Play singer, 34, played six great new tracks to a select audience at the Soho Hotel on Thursday night. And we can reveal she only had eyes for one member of the crowd, hubby Marc.

An onlooker said “While she was playing the tracks, she would keep looking over at Marc and smiling. It was really sweet. They seemed really loved up.”

Meanwhile, get ready for Jennifer Lopez’s new single, Get Right to hit radio outlets real soon. Some songs recorded by her to be included in her new album are I Got You, Step Into My World, Still Around, Hold You Down and This Is Me. Her new album, entitled Rebirth is scheduled to hit stores in February.

Jennifer Lopez Finds Her Leaker To The Press

Jennifer Lopez has apparently found her leaker, longtime makeup man, Scott Barnes.

The New York Post reports he was blamed for leaking information only members of her inner circle would know to the press. “Former Scott Barnes client, Lucy Liu had a similar problem,” an insider said.

Jennifer told Scott something that was false, only to later get media asking her reps questions about the story.

“She knows it’s him for sure now and she’s exploring other options,” Jennifer Lopez’s spokeswoman said. “It’s not as dramatic as it seems though.”

Jennifer Lopez Spicies Things Up With Marc Anthony

The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez was spotted snuggling with her husband Marc Anthony at Mansion in Miami, where they turned down offers of complimentary booze in favor of Virgin Colas but posed for a photo op they had set up with local snapper.

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez was seen dining in an Indian restaurant with Marc in Miami.


2 Tabloids Not Allowed To Write About Jennifer Lopez

A source tells Jeannette Walls of that after threat of a lawsuit, not only is Star magazine not allowed to write about Jennifer Lopez without her permission, but the other American Media property, the National Enquirer isn’t either.

The Enquirer’s current issue refered to J.Lo’s ex-husband Cris Judd as the guy “who used to be married to singer Marc Anthony’s new wife.”

Jennifer Lopez Wears Turban/Bandana To D&G Book Release Party

Jennifer Lopez, who apppeared wearing something like a turban/bandana, and Pharrell Williams were amongst the stars on hand for Dolce & Gabbana who celebrated the release of their book ‘Hollywood’ last Wednesday at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

Jennifer Lopez said of the turban/bandana “I love this thing. It’s my next must have item. It’s enchanting.”

Meanwhile, check out the pictures here

Jennifer Lopez To Act In Austin Powers 4?

Apparently, it’s been reported that the ‘I’m Glad’ vocalistress Jennifer Lopez has signed up for a $9.4 million part in the next Austin Powers flick, playing the spoof spy’s love interest.

A source at New Line commented, “It’s in essence, a brilliant signing. She loved the previous films and can’t wait to do the comedy with Mike Myers.”

The movie is provisionally titled ‘For Your Thighs Only’.

J Lo Furious With Matt Damon

Jennifer Lopez has called off her wedding to Ben Affleck after a row with his best friend, Matt Damon. The Latino singer was furious when Matt tried to talk him out of it, claiming she was a “serial bride”.

J Lo, who cancelled plans to tie the knot on St Valentine’s Day, reportedly warned Ben “It’s me or him”.

She told friends “I always feel like there has been three of us in this relationship. He loves Matt loads and he treasures what Matt thinks a lot too.”

The row flared when Matt reminded Ben that J Lo had already been married twice and might be on her way to being another Elizabeth Taylor, what with both of her marriages collapsing quickly. He also hates the way J Lo has made Ben look like a Latino in her music video.A source told the papers “This feud with Matt caused such bad feelings that Ben and Jennifer have decided not to go ahead with the wedding. They still love each other and want to get married someday, but the Valentine’s Day ceremony isn’t go to happen anytime soon.”