McFly “just excellent” says Natalie Appleton

McFly have already gained a few celeb fans- and now they can add one more (or two, sorry) to their list- the lovely ladies from Appleton. In a recent interview, when asked what pop acts Nat & Nic thought were good right now, Nat was more than happy to speak about Tom, Danny, Dougie & Harry. “McFly are just excellent,” she said. “I took my daughter, Rachel to see Busted last year where they were supporting and I was just blown away by how good they are. It’s very rare to find a group like them in the charts and they deserve all the success they get.”

However, whether or not this means a duet between Nat, Nic and McFly is yet to be seen- but if it ever happened- I’d love to see the results…

Eric West samples Annie Lennox and Dean Martin on Half Life

Speaking with AOL Music, R&B singer Eric West tells the Internet giant who will premiere his new single as part of AOL’s “Breakers” late summer, that his new album “Half “> Life” include samples from pop icons Annie Lennox and Dean Martin.

The model turned singer explained ‘This album should have been out a year ago, but I’m glad that it wasn’t released, it gave us time to fix every lyric, note, instrument.’ He went on to say, ‘I’ve been through so much, I’m surprised I’m still alive, I realize now, why the album wasn’t out a year ago, it wasn’t the right time.’

Eric samples Dean Martin’s “Memories are Made of This” on the urban single “Half “> Life”, and samples the Annie Lennox classic “Why” on the track “Wires” (read, Actor and Pop Singer Eric West Gives Back to AIDS Cause with New Song, and Builds Up Media Buzz with New Album and New Movie).

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Jay Sean charts in Holland

Jay’s album & single (Eyes on You) is really starting to take off in Europe, in-particular Holland. Eyes On You is now up to no.18 in their chart & rising week on week with media awareness growing all the time to Jay as a phenomenal live performer. Coca Cola are trying to pin Jay down to a Live event happening this month, which will see reaching a huge national audience as the event is broadcast live on TV.

New EP by Jimmy Barock

The new EP of Jimmy Barock, called “We used to build wings at night”, is now available to listen to trough Dying Giraffe Recordings!

Jimmy Barock finished their EP together after a long period of hard work. The Band went through beautiful but tough times.

Jimmy Barock’s music can be described as explosive, with an emphasis on songs. Both singers sing their lyrics as a swordfight. Tongues as weapons, perhabs even of mass destruction.

Jimmy Barock transfroms simple popsongs in melodious torrents a la the Lapse, Karate and Face Tomorrow. Their shows are an explosive, chaotic expererience. It’s all about energy.

They performed with big international acts like Therapy?, and you will know them by the Trail of dead and Aerogramme. They also did a tour in the UK and finished this period with a sold out gig in the famous Vera (NL) together with the well known band Mono.

Click here to listen to their new 6 tracks.

Hot New UK Girlband, Ellements Split Up Even Before Their Debut?

The rumour mill went into overdrive recently which seemed to incinuate that the hot ladies of Ellements, UK’s promising new girlband, had split up even before releasing their motown/disco hit, Walk Right Now. They hadn’t been to their official message boards for months and fans were getting frantic.

Well, all that’s set to change. Sarah from Ellements recently said:
“Let me break this down. From January till now the record company put our release on hold so we could make changes to our album. Well, we want you lot to hear the best!”

“So we flew to Singapore and the States to record tracks in studio and have been working further in studios here. We will release soon!”

Ellements look set to release in April/May.

Rachel Stevens To Perform At The Glastonbury Festival?

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that former S Club star Rachel Stevens plans on performing at the Glastonbury Festival this summer.

The Negotiate With Love singer told a spy, “It won’t be the Rachel they know and love though. And when I perform there I am planning to cover two rock classics for the new recording sessions and these will form part of the act.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt And Her Dates From Hell

The Hollywood actress/singer has recenty revealed that she’s been on several utterly hideous love outings.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star told a US chat show “I attract interesting people. I went out with a guy who yelled at me for the entire time I was eating. ‘Why are you eating your steak like that? Why do you want ketchup? What is that?’ I was like, ‘OK’. I was very nervous and people were like looking at us. I’m like, ‘Dude, stop yelling at me for eating’. He thought the date was fantastic.”

“I also went out with a guy who handed me a pack of Altoids at the beginning of the night so, ‘when we make out later…’ and then I had another guy call us a couple in the first two seconds.”

“We sat down at the table and he’s like, ‘So, do you think other couples are staring at us?’ I’m like, ‘couple?’ He got really attached.”

“I wouldn’t blind date now. That would be weird,” she concluded.

Which Of The Spice Girls Slept With Robbie Williams? Mel C Hints…

Mel C has slammed Robbie Williams’ claim that he’s slept with all but one of the Spice Girls.

Despite having a brief fling with the Angels singer, Mel hinted that she knew at least two members of the former girl band hadn’t had sex with him.

Former Sporty Spice also claimed that although she was linked with Robbie for about a month in the late 90s she didn’t sleep with him.

She went on to say that after chatting about it with Victoria Beckham recently, she knew Robbie was all talk when he revealed his Spice Girls’ conquest at the end of last year, when he claimed “I’ve only got one left to have had all the Spice Girls.”But Melanie told Closer magazine “Victoria asked me about that and said ‘Well, I know I’ve not slept with him.'”

Sporty then went on to reveal “And I know Emma’s not slept with him.”

She concludes “I’d like to ask Robbie about this because, to my knowledge, there are a few of the Spice Girls he didn’t sleep with.”

Robbie and Geri Halliwell enjoyed a holiday romance some five years ago and there’s no word from Mel B who went out with one of Robbie’s mates, actor Max Beesley, for about four years.

Where On Earth Has Natalie Imbruglia Been?

Natalie Imbruglia’s back, with a new single entitled Shiver. It’s been three years since the singer released her last album, White Lilies Island. Just where on earth has she been?

Speaking to the press recently, she said “Off the back of my second album, I went straight into making the film. The moment I finished with Johnny English, I started writing. Unfortunately, it was a very lengthy process. I’ve definitely enjoyed it more this time”

“The second album was a bit weird, especially off the back of a really successful first album. And obviously getting married means you’re a lot more content and at peace with yourself. Everything is more fun.”

Natalie Imbruglia’s single, Shiver, was in shops on March 21. The album, Counting The Days, follows at the beginning of April.