Jennifer Love Hewitt And Her Dates From Hell

The Hollywood actress/singer has recenty revealed that she’s been on several utterly hideous love outings.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star told a US chat show “I attract interesting people. I went out with a guy who yelled at me for the entire time I was eating. ‘Why are you eating your steak like that? Why do you want ketchup? What is that?’ I was like, ‘OK’. I was very nervous and people were like looking at us. I’m like, ‘Dude, stop yelling at me for eating’. He thought the date was fantastic.”

“I also went out with a guy who handed me a pack of Altoids at the beginning of the night so, ‘when we make out later…’ and then I had another guy call us a couple in the first two seconds.”

“We sat down at the table and he’s like, ‘So, do you think other couples are staring at us?’ I’m like, ‘couple?’ He got really attached.”

“I wouldn’t blind date now. That would be weird,” she concluded.

Jennifer Love On Her Labelmates chatted with Jennifer Love Hewitt about her new album ‘Barenaked’, where she talked about being on Jive Records and whether labelmates Britney Spears and N’Sync have offered her advice.

“Not really. You know, it’s funny because I’ve only met Britney a couple of times and that was completely separate from, you now, me really being on Jive that much” J Love said.

“The boys I’ve known for a while since I was really young. And, you know, they would sit behind me and pull on my pony tale and sit behind me at award shows. And so, you know, they’re friends, and I think a lot of them. N’Sync have been super supportive of my musical stuff.”

“And, you know, have just been really, really kind. I’m so glad to get to be on a label with young people that are, you know, doing so well in the music industry. And, you know, have very strong views on how they want their career to go and, you know, kind of stand up for themselves and all of that stuff.”

“I think it’s great, and you know, I feel honored and complimented that I would get to be within such a great group of people. And Jive Records has just been so amazing and such a dream place to be that I couldn’t really want to wish to be anywhere else.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Can’t Find Niche

Sal Cinquemani of Slant magazine reviewed Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new album ‘Barenaked’, giving it 2/5 stars.

Sal said, “The album spans sub-genres like a demo tape hell-bent on finding a niche” adding “overriding twangy tonicity, however, suggests it might behoove Jennifer to bust out that country album she seems so eager to make.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves England

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big fan of England. “I don’t really know all about bad teeth, but I’ve been to Britain and I had the best time” she said.

“In fact, I’m going to film a movie there later this year, a romantic drama I’m doing with my production company that is set in London.”

She’s also a fan of the country’s airlines, Virgin and British Airways because “they give you pajamas. I love that.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sees Her Breasts As Different People

Jennifer Love Hewitt chatted with Evan Henerson of the LA Daily News about her new movie ‘The Tuxedo’ that has her again dealing with cleavage jokes, something the actress/singer has become used to.

“Boobs and things are brought up so much and sort of talked about so much that I almost think of them as a completely different person” she says.

“So now, I don’t really think about it or take offence. I wish there was something else about me they could use to make jokes about, or talk about in interviews, but that’s kind of not my job. If that’s what they respond to, then fine.”

Barenaked Jennifer Love Hewitt

The star of ‘Party Of Five’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ will release her debut Jive Records release, ‘Barenaked’ come 24th of September. The title cut will be the first single, playing in all good radio outlets in the States right now.

Jive Records said Jennifer co-wrote the single with singer Meredith Brooks, best known for her hit ‘Bitch’. Meredith also helped produce the LP.

Jennifer has three earlier albums to her credit, the 1992 Japan-only release ‘Love Songs’, the Atlantic Records release ‘Let’s Go Band’, and the self-titled ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt’.

Here’s the track listing for “Barenaked”:

Can I Go Now
Where You Gonna Run To?
Just Try
Hey Everybody
Avenue Of The Stars
Stand In Your Way
I Know You Will
Rock The Roll
First Time