Ricky Martin New Single News!

Ricky Martin’s new cd sounds great apparently. The first single is titled “I Don’t Care”, a song vry much in tune with today’s hot Bollywood funk numbers.

The single will be released to the clubs before it’s release to radio stations. The track is “incredible, sexy and danceable” according to Ricky, so get ready to dance! Also featured on the single are Fat Joe and Amerie.

Fans should be happy to know that this song was also recorded in Spanish and in Spanglish, for all to enjoy. The title for the Spanish version is Que Mas Da.

Ricky Martin To Raise Child Trafficking Awareness In Light Of Tsunami Disaster

Ricky Martin left for Thailand on Monday night to visit tsunami victims and Thai officials. “He’s going to be visiting shelters and he’s meeting with the Thai foreign minister and interior minister, as well as various ambassadors, to raise awareness in the trafficking of children,” the singer’s representative told The New York Daily News.

“Ricky has been very active in fighting child abuse and child trafficking in Latin America and he wants to see what his foundation can do to help and to raise awareness in Thailand.”

Ricky Matin Was In India For Charity

Singing superstar Ricky Martin visited Kolkata, India on a charity tour during which he met and spent time with three young girls he sponsors, reports said Sunday.

According to one news report from The Hindustan Times, the hush hush tour began on Wednesday when Ricky arrived from London for a four day trip with none but officials of the Sabera Foundation, the charitable home he supports, knowing about the trip.

Sabera chief Carlos Duran was quoted as saying that he himself was taken by surprise when he was told by Ricky Martin’s agents Monday about his plans to pay a visit.

Carlos Duran said the Puerto Rican singer came to “just see the children and spend some time with them”. Ricky was last in town in June 2002.Ricky visited the Sabera home on the southern fringes of the city on Friday where he spent time speaking to the children, having lunch with them and watching a sci-fi film together.

He apparently also played some soccer with the boys. The singer spent more time with the three girls of Sabera Foundation whom he personally sponsors. He invited them to dinner at a plush hotel where he stayed.

A report in a local English daily said the singer then watched television with the girls. He also met the mother of the three kids at her home in a slum in central Kolkata.

The Livin La Vida Loca star flew out of Kolkata on Saturday.

New Ricky Martin LP In March 2003

Sony management officially announced the international release date of 31st of March 2003 for Ricky Martin’s next album.

The Spanish language album will have the first single release come 28th of February, a track written by Franco de Vita that’s entitled ‘Tal Vez’.

Other collaborators on the album include Juanes and Alejandro Sanz.

The video for ‘Tal Vez’ is rumored to start filming in January.

Ricky Martin Loves Indian, Latino, Spicy Women

Ricky Martin revealed recently the kinds of women that make him go weak in the knees.

The singer said “Well, to be honest, I love women who look good. Love to look at them and I find that I fancy Indian women a lot, like Sushmita Sen and Aishwariya Rai.”

“And of course, I love Latinas as well. All of these women seem so spicy so yeah, I guess I like spicy women too huh?”

Ricky Martin Not Defending Michael Jackson

The ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ hitmaker, Ricky Martin is exactly happy over Michael Jackson’s supposedly wild charges against Sony boss, Tommy Mottola, branding him a racist and what not.

Ricky was, a while back, in the news that claimed he was planning to engineer a fake retirement to get himself out of his contract with the label because of his own disagreements with Tommy. Those disagreements must have been settled, if not he would be on Michael’s side.

Defending Sony, Ricky said “They’ve done an amazing, outstanding job for me all over the world. Tommy has always been my friend. He’s been there unconditionally for me, 24/7.”

From his home in Miami, Ricky scoffed at Micheal Jackson’s claims that Tommy is a racist. “Really I don’t think it has any foundation” he said. “I’ve met Michael a few times and I wish him the best. But I have no idea why he said that, though.”

In the meantime, fans of Ricky can look forward to new material. Ricky, who is slated to release both an English and a Spanish album before the end of October, says he has no intention of leaving Sony.