Ricky Martin Not Defending Michael Jackson

The ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ hitmaker, Ricky Martin is exactly happy over Michael Jackson’s supposedly wild charges against Sony boss, Tommy Mottola, branding him a racist and what not.

Ricky was, a while back, in the news that claimed he was planning to engineer a fake retirement to get himself out of his contract with the label because of his own disagreements with Tommy. Those disagreements must have been settled, if not he would be on Michael’s side.

Defending Sony, Ricky said “They’ve done an amazing, outstanding job for me all over the world. Tommy has always been my friend. He’s been there unconditionally for me, 24/7.”

From his home in Miami, Ricky scoffed at Micheal Jackson’s claims that Tommy is a racist. “Really I don’t think it has any foundation” he said. “I’ve met Michael a few times and I wish him the best. But I have no idea why he said that, though.”

In the meantime, fans of Ricky can look forward to new material. Ricky, who is slated to release both an English and a Spanish album before the end of October, says he has no intention of leaving Sony.

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